Monday, 22 December 2014

Great Christmas Cookie Caper

I'd give you one of my Red velvet cookies but I ate them...

Image Credit - Annoyed Thyroid ... I think my phone got hungry because someone ate my cookie photos.


Saturday I was invited to a Cookie Exchange at Nasa HQ. A picture paints a 1000 calories ..

Sam's Fantastic Fudge - @ Annoyed Thyroid -

This was my entry in Lid decorating event went home with someone else LOL

The Pavlova Queen Stephanie made this !

Beaut packaging and the best cookies.

Best kids Entry - delicious Gingerbread !

I baked my @ss of Friday baking over 160 cookies . I'll be working it off for weeks after all the cookies, fudge, pavlova and cupcakes I inhaled Saturday.

So much sugar plus a few protein balls and a healthy fudge option. I think my phone got hungry because someone ate my cookie photos.

Next year I'm using this 50 cookie exchange for inspiration  - and I might organise an Outback Cookie Exchange.

What's your favourite cookie ?


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Wordless Wednesday : If the shoe fits

One of my boys has always been a bit obsessed about shoes.

I absolutely couldn't have been prouder of Joel who didn't receive an award on stage but allowed another boy to walk - literally- in his (Joel's) shoes and socks to receive his achievement award. His kindness to a friend (who didn't have black shoes & grey socks) is beyond measure. Though I didn't know at the time it made my heart swell just as much as any podium award.  

I wish I had a photo of him last when we all enjoyed a laugh at him wearing my high heeled shoes. 

This article explains why we should celebrate all the little achievements over a year

maybe both !

one of each shoe on the wrong foot but same feet  -totally their doing.

I wish I had a photo of him last week, when we all enjoyed a laugh at him wearing my high heeled shoes and a pink top - that looked like a short dress on him.

This article explains why we should celebrate and see all the little achievements our kids make over a year 






Monday, 15 December 2014

Are we ever really cancer free ? ..the buts and ifs

It's here.
Not , less than 10 days to Christmas.
I feel anxious, though I have no reason to be.
My scans are stable , except they have yet to scan my thigh where the malignant tumour MPNST was.
I will be asking for that to happen.

My husband and I head will travel 400kms to Sydney to see the Radiaiton oncologist for 6 monthly follow-up appointments, tomorrow, with Radiation Oncologist at The Crown Princess Mary Cancer Care Centre Westmead (what a mouthful)

We are so thankful for the Oncologists and other medical Drs who kept (keep) us ticking. This morning I read an article that nails it and helped me understand some of my own feelings.

This is a snippet.
I would always figure out what needed to be done and then did the best I could to move on, happy and worry-free. But now, not so much. I worry about my health, along with every ache and pain. I think about all the possibilities of what could attack my body. I think about my kids, my hubby, and my family. I think about cancer finding its way back into my life. Although I am a strong person and live a healthy and active lifestyle, I feel physically vulnerable all the time. What if the cancer never left? I sometimes fear that it will never be gone. Is anyone ever truly "cancer-free?"

I feel more emotionally vulnerable. That gut wrenching feeling is with me every day. Little aches and pains send subconscious shivers through my soul. I can't brush the worry off.

No amount of therapy would help because the fear is intense. I deal with it as best I can. I keep busy.

But the moment you are sent home with your "get out of jail free" card, you are alone, unsupported, and left to deal with the after effects no one really warns you about. No one tells you that you will come down from that adrenaline rush to a place where you don't know what you feel, think or how to move forward in your life.

I hope that it may be of some help to you, to understand too.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Wordless Wednesday : Dear Santa I can explain

4 ingredients shortbread  ... easy as 1 . 2. 3 !

when what to my wandering eyes appear an extra 2kgs on my hips, thighs and rear !

Bailey's White Chocolate Fudge - I wish exercise was as easy as eating ...


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Saving Lives 2015 ~ Change Starts Here

I was invited to speak about my experience as a cancer patient and chemotherapy co-payments in the Cancer Council Saving Lives campaign in the lead up to the State elections - I am very nervous but passionate about the need for change.
The event is happening tomorrow #gulp in my local community.
I loathe public speaking . . I hope to make a difference in the fight against all Cancers by helping to raise awareness of important issues in the community.

There are five key areas - #changestartshere

What the next State Government can do to help beat cancer !

Tobacco Retail Reform
Our retailer audit found that there are about 5 times as many tobacco retailers in NSW as there are pharmacies.

We’re asking the Government to reduce the availability of tobacco to help support people who are trying to quit, and encourage young people to live smoke free.

Increased Aboriginal Workforce in Cancer Services

Aboriginal people are 60% more likely to die from cancer. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We’re calling on the Government to improve the health care system so that it’s more responsive to the needs of Aboriginal people. This can help close this gap.

No Chemotherapy Co-payments

Some cancer patients pay up to $180 in co-payments for their initial chemotherapy treatment, and may even be charged more down the track if their treatment changes.
We’re asking the Government to make sure that cancer patients who have their chemotherapy in a public hospital get it for free.

Coordinated Cancer Care

Coordinating appointments and keeping up with complex information can be confusing and distressing for cancer patients and their families.

We’re calling on the Government to ensure that people with cancer, and their families, get the care they need in a logical, connected and timely way, no matter where they live in NSW.
More Palliative Care Services

We know that around 70% of Australians say they want to die at home, but only 16% are able to do so. People in regional and rural areas are particularly disadvantaged.

We’re calling on the Government to ensure that every person who is dying from cancer has the best quality of life and if needed, a specialist palliative care team to care for them..
I can do it ...

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Wordless Wednesday : Put out to Pasture

Little dirt magnets ...

Once upon a time the big boys decided to tractor pull the old tractor , found in the top paddock, back to the farm house-yard.

It had been there maybe 20-30yrs. It took a bl00dy legend  DH to drive the Big red tractor in reverse about 2-3kms at a top speed of 5 kms per hour pulling the old tractor over a rough grassy track, downhill , uphill downhill ...

  A few years on, put to pasture glowed in the afternoon son !

Secret boy talk ...
~Grandpa's ~ farm settles this Friday - last Friday the tilt tray (from town) moved the old rusty tractor to retire in our dusty pastures. It might be an old rusty tractor but the memories are priceless.

An InLinkz Link-up

Final day to enter Giveaway to win remote controlled Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battroborg battle game !

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Nappy Collective Changing lives Changing Bums

That warm and fuzzy feeling of seeing all my blogging buddies in the one venue and the opportunity to catch up with some of many people out there holding my virtual hand the last 2 years is epic. Two weeks ago I traveled to Sydney to attend the Blogger's Brunch.

While I also enjoy connecting with the fabulous brands , it is important to me that Kid's Business focuses on some very important charities and inspires women to lead happier lives.

The Art of being happy ... continues to raise awareness of the challenges other mums in our community face. Then give us the opportunity to help.

One of the speakers was Jo Ann Hicks from

The Nappy Collective's  Jo Ann Hicks - Photo Credit: Kids Business

The Nappy Collective was the brain child of a group of mums. In October 2013, they launched their first Nappy Collective via Facebook.

They collected leftover nappies, sitting in draws, at the bottom of nappy bags, in the back of a cupboard at the grandparents’ house  !!!

The response is EPIC !

How easy is it to help - easy collect your left over nappies so they can be redistributed to organisations who support families in crisis or in need ?

The Nappy Collective runs for 2 weeks , 3 times a year. If you have nappies to donate, drop them off at the designated collection sights whilst the collective is on. 

Bloggers can help spread the word amongst their social media channels , or mother's groups and playgroup or church.

Sign up to their mailing list or like the facebook page to be notified on when and where the collectives are on! Spread the word amongst your mother's groups and playgroup or church.

Need more information please check their FAQ's page too. 

They mentioned this favourite quote and now it is one of mine.

Kids Business Communications hosts the Bloggers BrunchTM series of events where bloggers and brands meet and mingle. These events also raise awareness and funds for different charities. For more information

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