Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wordless Wednesday : Aussie Bums

We won in Super cupid competition for Cupid's Undie Run - mostly my hub's ideas too ! I can't believe he was willing !


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

We don't stop squatting because we grow old ~ 101 !

If my legs could talk - they be arrested.
If you came here looking for advice and squat love - you'll be disappointed.

My own fault  one dozen too many squats.

I yearn for the good old days ...

  I did my research - Strength Training 101: How to Squat Properly

  Why ?

Do you squat ?
Do you diddly squat ?
Any tips for me ?

Ps I found this cool old girl band called Diddly squat ..they took up music in their middle ages . So catchy and unique.


Friday, 20 February 2015

Taking Stock: February

Making : Plans for a Cruise later this year
Cooking : Lime soda Scones
Drinking :Copious amounts of tea – wish it was wine.
Reading: "Bittersweet" by Colleen McCullough
Wanting: my new Cochlear BAHA - to hurry up and be approved
Looking: for my Garmin Foot Pod – that went missing while I was in Sydney doing Cupid’s Undie run.
Playing: 2048 6 x 6
Deciding: To stay away from Facebook more ...maybe tomorrow
Enjoying: Kayaking on the river
Waiting: on my new Cochlear BAHA – with wireless Bluetooth I think
Liking: too much junk on Facebook. Distractions I should avoid
Wondering: how I ever survived without the Internet
Loving: card my husband gave me for 25th Wedding anniversary
Pondering: what makes a marriage last
Considering: buying a mountain bike
Buying: see considering
Watching: the concreters get the garage slab form work ready
Hoping: the new garage is finished soon
Marvelling: Our team Raising $3600 In Cupid’s Undie Run
Cringing: at photos of me in my undies on Facebook
Needing: to lose weight my skinny jeans are too tight
Questioning: why I’m not losing weight since I exercise a damn lot
Smelling: not my roses – because the bloomin’ cows chomped them down almost to stalks
Wearing: exercise gear
Following: The rear end in front of me at Cupid’s undie Run
Noticing: exercise gear makes thighs appear slimmer
Knowing: that the truth is my thighs are more jiggly than last year
Thinking: I should get my ass into ‘exercise’ gear
Admiring: how hard my hubby works
Sorting: through 25yrs of clutter and hoarding
Getting: no-where fast
Bookmarking: actually pinning lots of wicked recipes I may never make
Coveting: other people’s cooking skills
Disliking: the dirty floors
Opening: Bills, bills and more junk mail.
Giggling: at Katering on youtube channel
Feeling: Overwhelmed
Snacking: Sweet little tarts filled with choc or caramel from Aldis
Comforting: Friends going through tough times.
Wishing: That I could be in two places at once next week.
Helping: Meals on Wheels and school canteen
Hearing: Bugger all because my 5yr old BAHA is stuffed.

Thanks Pip, that was fun.


Thursday, 19 February 2015

Racism and the Freedom ride.

It is hard to believe it is only 50 yrs ago that Aboriginal people were treated so appallingly because of racism and apartheid.

White supremacy meant segregation at local town amenities.
Children were not allowed to swim in public pool after 3:30pm, men could fight and die for Australia but faced exclusion from RSL clubs and Aboriginals weren't welcome at movie Theatres.

Have you heard about the Freedom Ride 50th Anniversary - they exposed Australia to the racism ‪#‎freedomride50‬

The Freedom Ride was an important catalyst for some substantial changes in Aboriginal affairs over the next 10 years or so.
Not to mention their dire living conditions - housing, health, and education.
Significantly, The Freedom ride brought Charles Perkins to prominence as a passionate and articulate Aboriginal leader who was not afraid to tell white Australians just how disastrous their racism was for the lives and opportunities of his people.

The Freedom Ride of 1965 was a significant event in the history of civil rights for Indigenous Australians. Inspired by the Freedom Riders of the American Civil Rights Movement, students from the University of Sydney led by the legendary Charles Perkins embarked on a journey through western New South Wales to expose racism and segregation. 50 years on, the bus has headed west again to honour the legacy the Freedom Rides.
I admit I knew nothing about the Freedom ride till yesterday.

My children and I have Aboriginal friends and I just can't fathom it.

Apartheid and white supremacy still occurring years after the Holocaust !
Not that I'm comparing the horrors of the people murdered by Hitler - just the reckoning behind it.
As if one race is supreme to another.

 Read the ABC story here…/20…/freedom-rides-remembered/6130544  

Living in a large regional country town, with a lot of Aboriginal people ,there is still an element of racism and indigenous families are still disadvantaged.

The recreation of the ride, touring the country towns involved 50yrs ago with a few celebrities Troy Cassar-Daley and Paul Kelly and original freedom riders, is happening now. We enjoyed a short free concert in the local showground last night...with our aboriginal friend and her son - my sons little mate. She is an educator and passionate advocate for Aboriginal youth in her school. She is also a great chick and we have a lot of laughs.

Yes, a lot of changes have been made but racism prevails - it is such a big issue and I've leave it there.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Wordless Wednesday : Super Cupid

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Cupid's Undie Run for Children's Tumour Foundation Australia.- your generosity enabled our team to raise $3609.85 . The 4th highest Sydney team
This cause is very important and personally close to our hearts.
NF has tested our family & extended family on many levels and was the reason for my malignant tumour
We will make a difference and give children with NF a hope for a future and without the dreadful complications.As you can see by the photos the Cupid's Undie Run - Australia was so much fun.
We are recruiting for 2016 !


Kids in the kitchen ~ Pancakes

 Unfortunately, we didn't make this moreish Cinnamon Roll Pancakes recipe today.
Today is Pancake Day - Shrove-Tuesday.

 Cinnamon Roll Pancakes
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes
243Taylor OviedoTaylor Oviedo
Food that I shouldn't have

Our regular no fail light, fluffy and tender version with choc chips was the choice (for one child anyway) of the day.

1 1/2 cups milk
2 teaspoons  lemon juice
1 tablespoons caster sugar

Colorfully.eu1 1/2 cups self-raising flour
1/2 cups self raising flour
1/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
1 large egg
30g approx (1 1/2 tablespoons) butter (melted)

  1. Into a medium jug place milk, lemon juice and sugar.Combine, and set aside for five minutes. It may develop a slightly curdled appearance.
  2. Whisk self-raising flour and bicarbonate of soda together in a large bowl.
  3. Melt the butter ; add egg and melted butter to the milk mixture. Whisk the mixture until the egg has mixed with the milk (the butter will sit on the surface).
  4. Combine the milk mixture with the flour mixture and whisk until almost smooth: the batter should still have a few small lumps. Don't over-mix the batter or the pancakes will be tough. 
  5. Heat a large non-stick frying pan over medium heat. 
  6. While the pan is preheating , leave batter to stand at least two minutes. It will thicken (and depending on your preference you may prefer to add more milk a tablespoon at a time.
  7. Lightly grease your pan with butter if you prefer, I melt my butter in the same fry pan so I skip this. The melted butter through the mixture in a non-stick pan means I don't add any butter.
  8. After resting the batter, give it a light stir and pour back into the jug.
  9. Pour or spread the batter out to form an 10cm circles or shapes of your choice.
  10. Repeat to make another one or more pancakes, depending on the size of your frying pan. Adjust the heat as necessary as once heated I turn mine down a notch.
  11. I add choc chips or blueberries or cinnamon swirl to batter as side 1 starts to cook. Then I flip (wait until you see air bubbles forming - this tells you it's time to flip it)
  12. I stack mine 3 high...two is not enough.
  13. The kids prefer to decorate and eat singly.

Here's some I whipped up before - with a 7:50am bus there was no time for photos.

To make the cinnamon roll pancakes - I used my own pancake recipe but followed the tips found on Pinterest. 
They are delicious, just don't do what I often do and taste with haste (in other words shove it in your mouth) because you'll burn the roof of your mouth.
Unfortunately, I did not have cream cheese drizzle either today .

I am also going to try her other suggestions and a few of my own.
TIP - Recipe Girl's tips are valuable to success. 

PS  pin directly from the image,

Be careful when you are pinning because there are a lot of spam links with popular recipes like this, and images that don't lead direct to the website.  

What are your favourite pancake toppings ?

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