Saturday, 13 August 2011

Grateful for Husbands, founds and even my Mother in law

Today I am grateful because my husband found our misplaced OFFICE computer discs. I needed them to install on my new laptop (the one I won thanks to Lenovo and Sarah@Ah, the possibilities) . They were somewhat buried in the garage (inside boxes ), stuff packed ready to go into storage.

I was able to finish some business stuff so it was very helpful. We didn't find the MYOB discs so I had to purcha$e an upgrade for that.

The biggest thing I am grateful about is that OFFICE picture manager makes it so easy to compress pictures - to upload to my posts. I was having trouble with the basic Windows installed program.

Still, in the process of finding those Discs - it led to a bigger project which has taken mu Hubby 3 days. Most of our boxes are now being stored off the premises now.

My nose is very grateful for soft Kleenex tissues this week (and last). I could have used a year supply of them too.

Today is my Mother in laws 80th birthday. I may not see eye to eye with her on everything though we have a good relationship. She is a kind and generous with advice everything.

I am most grateful she birthed the love of my life- my husband and raised him to be a loving, caring , househandy man - he loved to clean and vacuum as a boy. We are having a family celebration dinner tonight and her daughter has arranged  a high tea afternoon for her with her older friends from the retirement village.
MMM I guess it means we will have CAKE tonight too.

This is one my hubby will love - Credit
Ps - Can you tell I like cake and chocolate - what is your favourite cake ?

What are you grateful for today ?

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