Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday ~ 7 things to keep the kids happy for next to nothing

 (ps the red mark on his chin is a spill off the bike) Joel - he had red shirt underneath

Double trouble !

Transform each other ...
This is my  brother- in-law with no head, it's my printers /desk behind him. He does look very slim in this photo. Shh don't tell him. I can't remember what filter [?] it was

 1.Take funny photos with Photobooth - Sam took this of himself.

2. Let kids clean and vacuum the car ...wash it if you have time !
3. Ride scooters to park

4. Swing (& slide)

5. Discover  Dandelions on the way home - blow
Find some drum sticks and beat out a tune
6. Pop some popcorn and put on a family movie DVD.

 7. Chalk drawings on the concrete or blackboards.

How did you spend your Sunday ?

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