Monday, 15 August 2011

Menu planning, goals and Weight Watchers ~ giveaway

Lately I have been struggling to provide my family with a  hearty, healthy menu that isn't boring. I haven't menu planned in months due to many reasons . A lot of them because of traveling to the farm and back. We leave at short notice and I have a half empty pantry in both places. I can't remember sometimes what I do and don't have. I get lazy.

I know when I menu plan each week it is one less thing to worry about at 4-5pm. It saves the budget (& the belt) from a blowout with takeaway or another trip to the supermarket where I come away spending more than necessary and $$$ on extra goodies I don't need (like chocolate on special).

Noticing that my weight was starting to increase made me stress and eat more comfort food... does this happen to you ?

Two weeks ago , Weight watchers were a major sponsor at the Blogger's brunch. I enjoyed listening to Melinda Gainsford -Taylor a former Olympic athlete, now WW Ambassador, talk about her battles with weight and subsequent weight loss with Weight watchers. I listened hard , wow it can happen to anyone I thought.

They gave us a beautiful recipe book Cook Hearty ~ factoring in the new Pro Points.

OMG- look what is on the cover was my first thought.

Weight Watchers Pro Points is a new program placing more focus on proper nutrition, still based on  4 pillar foundation approach that focuses on exercise, support, behavior and food.

We don't just get you to your goal weight - we teach you how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle for life. 
For the record I am not overweight as such, but I am not comfortable with my current weight, almost at the upper end of my healthy weight range 54 - 67kg (check the calculator) ~ almost 66kg  or HERE

My clothes are just too snug and some even more uncomfortable. I don't have a budget for new clothes.

I know when I was working full time I walked a lot during the day and I was always busy at home after hours [ in my pre-Internet addiction  years] . Then after my twin babies arrived , I was breastfeeding twins for 4 yrs  and I was also very active running after them. I walked a lot with the stroller and I could eat like a horse anything!

I have a HEARTY appetite anytime and I don't want to stop. The last year I've noticed the kilos creeping on. I started the Couch 2 5km in January and completed it successfully in March. My clothes felt looser though my weight was still much the same.

I continued the program till mid April when I got a bad cold and had a hacking cough for over a month. I stopped running and even walking on my treadmill.I had no excuse but it took me another month to re start when I saw the scales and thought my clothes are shrinking  whoa , hold your horses Trish !

Inactivity , the wrong foods and large portions are my downfall. I also eat the kids leftovers because I hate waste.(check this article if you do this too - How to curb kid- food snacking)

My boys like also to cook cookies/brownies/cakes /pancakes and eat crackers & chips well as 2-3 apples a day each if I let them. (The recipe book has great variations)

I digress ! Weight watchers were offering bloggers at the Brunch a free trial membership.

Yes, I am going to take it up. I can sure use a little guidance and support to keep my weight goals on track.

There is even a hugely popular iPhone app which allows you to track your pro points, log your weight, look up recipes on the go...

The recipe book they gave us has more than 70 hearty recipes . I know from drooling over flicking through even my fussy family will eat a lot of them or a variation. Such an inspiration.

Online - there is even more tools. I like the flexibility to access it anywhere (especially since we will be traveling for two months. Weight watchers online is a perfect do- it -yourself weight loss solution.

My Menu plan this week is

Tuesday - Chicken , roasted pumpkin and feta filo parcels or a variation for the small boys ( think healthy chicken sausage rolls with carrot) (from WW Cook Hearty)

Wednesday - Baked pea, ham & oregano rissotto (from WW Cook Hearty)

Thursday - Roasted pumpkin and ginger soup (from WW Cook Hearty)

Friday - Meatballs with rice (from WW Cook Hearty)

Saturday - Chicken drumsticks with homemade chips or Honey Mustard Chicken - steam vegies (WW website -anyone can use this recipe section but not access to 1500 recipes)

Sunday - Slow roasted leg of lamb (from WW Cook Hearty)
(I am also making those Choc Lava puddings on the cover one night.

Weight Watchers have also offered me a free, one month membership to Weight watchers online for ONE of my readers to try.

To enter visit the Weight watchers website , (there are lots of areas to access whether you join up or not- so much information they share)

Tell me what you would find most useful on Weight watchers site ?

The ultimate goal, as it should be, is a healthy but effective weight loss.

Ends 23rd August 
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Australian residents only.

PS As always before you embark on any weight loss regime check with your Dr if you are overweight or have existing health issues.
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