Saturday, 9 July 2011

Grateful for the Things I know

I know it's been a busy week in our household ; three birthdays over in flash. (I still don't understand why some people get so antsy when I want to stop the proceeding to take photos of my KIDS or my cakes - 'pfft' to them)

... I am overwhelmed by ALL the lovely messages sent to me for my birthday yesterday on FB & twitter.It gives a warm fuzzy feeling to know that people took the time to send me a greeting. Thank you  ! . I really appreciated it ,whether URL friends or IRL friends, I heart you. I can't wait to meet some URL's friends in Melbourne.

... no matter how many new toys my boys got they would still rather play with my stuff (iPod)  and rearrange all my apps & utilities; or make a billy cart for their soft toys out a cardboard old box and the laces from the jigsaw.

...we are still eating party food . I over catered because a few people couldn't make it last Saturday and we didn't know they weren't coming.Then other visitors cancelled through the week. It was all good though. school friends and their hubs loved sharing the Freddo cake with me last night who would have though 40+ somethings would enjoy Freddo icecream cake so much LOL. They had a choice of chocolate cake too.

... Max Brenner could easily drain our meagre bank account . was such decadent and lovely birthday treat. I know that it was worth every $ (next time I'll take my own marshmallows and extra strawberries because my little monsters ate most of mine).

... I have some dear  friends who want nothing more than a partner and children but LIFE didn't go to plan. One in particularly struggles with severe depression because of it. I wish I could take away her sadness. It was lovely to spend some time with her twice this week. My boys love her.

Today , I am so grateful for my life, my family and my friends. I am constantly reminded that despite all the things I could whinge about I have so much to be thankful for - so I won't. Just it makes it harder to blog :) .

I also attended an event in the city this week. The homeless & destitute people do make me sad and very grateful. I hope I can give to organisations that help them.

Life can change in an instant and people you love can leave you.

Have a great weekend and make everyday count. 
What do you know this week ?

What are you grateful for ?
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