Saturday, 23 July 2011

Grateful for sunshine

Wow July has flown and it is only one week to Blogopolis, the Blogger Brunch and less to meeting up with a special URL friend.

Today I am grateful for sunshine because I am supposed to be packing the caravan ready to set off tomorrow. We are leaving from the farm.
Thursday afternoon we packed the caravan and car in the pouring rain at home , 100m down the driveway ...difficult much !

The men are mustering and drenching the cows today too so no rain is a good thing at the moment.

Grateful for the comments on the "How to help when a baby dies" post . To be honest I was unsure if people would read and/or respond.

Grateful to be typing my very first post on my Lenovo lap top, it has taken me 5 days to get this far . I am still getting used to the keyboard and my two finger typing. I had to because my old laptop keys are jamming and I had to type a post cut & pasting H & h yesterday plus number ' 1.'

Grateful that sometime in the next day I will have my new blog design up - once my uber designer installs it.

I expect I'll be a bit busy packing today so I better get a move on.

What are you grateful for ?

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