Sunday, 24 July 2011

Melbourne , here we come !

After a late start we finally hit the road at about 4pm.
Things never quite go to plan, so I was so excited we made it out of Dubbo.

A mob of cows escaped to the hills yesterday during the 'muster and drench' mission.
They were located about 7pm last night, in the dark, and herded to the other side of the farm.
This morning DH went to help round up a few more stragglers and finish the drenching.

I busied myself tweeting packing and then drove over to the farmhouse to cook some large cupcakes for my FIL's birthday. Then back to our 'shed' to pack the final fridge food and stuff.

Finally Melbourne , Here we come (can you believe as I typed this last sentence, my son's book/audio CD of 'Cars - Lightening Mc Queen'  said "California, Here we come ! !"

We got to Forbes about 6pm. We are staying at a very friendly BIG 4 Holiday Park. They have a huge jumping pillow we hope the little monsters drummers will wear themselves out on, before we leave in the morning.

A little mishap with a broken drawer runner greeted us upon entry to the caravan.

No worries my Tool man fixed it.

(Ps There was a hitchhiker just down the road [to rear] and when I told DH to pull over for the photo he said the poor guy might think we are stopping for him I was real quick) ...have you ever hitchhiked or picked up a hitchhiker ? 

This is not the caravan we are taking ...

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