Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What happened next -

Of course things never go to plan.
I could cry and rant about it but I save my tears and tissues for bigger issues.
It's not a disaster , not a catastrophe - just very disappointing.
Yesterday less than 24 hrs after we left Dubbo we got an urgent phone call.
An email was sent.
Our only major business client has changed the dates requiring our business 'services'.
They want it to happen Saturday instead of Monday.
I kid you not.
Worse timing ever ? possibly ?
DH needs to be back, in Sydney, Saturday morning early.
Blogopolis day ...

It's a big name brand and we are only a SMALL cog in their 'production' wheel ; important, none the less.
NO 'room' to move or option to say NO.
There could be other repercussions if we tried.

I plan on staying I will not miss Blogger's Brunch and Blogopolis.

I could tow the caravan but I have yet to learn how to reverse it or back it into position.
Strike that idea. It is a damn long way too.
Plus , DH was going to have our boys on Saturday.

Can I fly home by myself and find some where to sleep

 find my way around ? ... of course I can.

The answer is easy but inconvenient and stressful.
I don't like the unexpected , changes stress me out and I've never been alone traveling before interstate.

My DH is stressed about my stress and his own fragile stress levels.

It's time I tried something new since I do plan to have a good time - it's not all bad news.
I just need someone to hold my hand...
I need advice on flights that allow checked luggage (twitter has been helpful)
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