Friday, 24 June 2011

Things I know

Lifted this from Whoa Mummy

I know that with the explosion of bloggers , who subsequently join twitter, start Face book fan pages and even Instagram and Pin interest [I am still going to join pin interest - just been a bit busy I tell you] 'there' is only so far we can spread ourselves and still be a good enough mum and wife. I know I have been very slack at both lately.

I know it's getting harder to connect more personally with all the lovely blogging ladies in the community due to TIME.

I know I dreadfully miss some good friends who rarely email me anymore. I  know they are just busy or at least I hope it's not me. I get it. I am busy too I know. Sorry to anyone I haven't emailed and should !

I know that some new followers don't know much about me...

Just this week someone said they didn't know my twin boys were IVF miracles babies.

Someone else this week didn't know my just turned 18yr son was adopted - @13 months old actually. He wasn't the first baby his birth mother had relinguished for adoption or to permanent custody of birth fathers/partners. I know one day if they ever have a family reunion it will be HUGE -just sayin'. 

Someone else didn't know I lost my firstborn baby, Charlotte , almost 7 years ago. After 12 yrs infertility she was our naturally conceived miracle. I was 6 months pregnant when our world shattered. There was no reason found for her 'demise'. Red Nose day always makes me feel tremendous sadness for all families remembering their little angels.

Someone else recently didn't know my husband was diagnosed with cancer (just over 12 months ago).  It was a rare malignant tumour in the temporal muscle on right side of his head. So far so good after surgery to remove the tumour ; he had 6 weeks radiation therapy -12 months ago now. He still has frequent headaches and dizziness so his oncologist referred him to a  neurologist. I know we live with both hope and fear always. Every time he feels unwell hideous thoughts flood my head and heart.  

So you know what I mean when I say the best news I've read this week was that Dave's @ Eden's hubby cancer hasn't come back. Eden is an amazing writer go read their story and celebrate.

Now is there anything else you want to know about me ?  
I am happy to answer questions in a new blog post (one day) !

What do you know this week ?
I know Shae wants to crack 20 links this week - surely we all know something ! I am #14
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