Friday, 29 August 2008

Oops ...

... this was written a while ago and I forgot about scheduled posting ...oops. I meant to edit it a little for ICLM.So I have now,I apologise for any confusion.

I had to cut a long story short(well shorter).

Our fertility experience began with IVF. In a way I feel like a fraud having twins via IVF instead of naturally but regardless we came through against all the odds so they are still miracles.
After adopting 14yrs ago, then my first pregnancy in 2004 which ended when our daughter was stillborn at 6 months we went down IVF path in 2005.

On our 2nd cycle we conceived twins – two embryos from 17 fertilised eggs. We had had two previous transfers of two embryos – unsuccessful.

On our final attempt we had two embryos implanted. Right then and there they give you a letter telling you they wish you success but at same time not to get your hopes up.Then 5 mins later we caught the lift back down to main entrance .We caught the eye of twin toddler boys in twin pram – they smiled at me. Simultaneously my husband and I grinned at each other – never imagining what we were secretly wishing for.I am not sure what I was thinking to tell the truth.

Ten days later – there were two pink lines … on the pregnancy test kit. The beta blood test showed I had high levels of HCG – the presence an indicator of pregnancy and in my case it was quite high – so a possible indicator of multiple pregnancy.

I could barely contain my excitement I wanted to shout to the world – so I told a couple hundred people on an internet forum or two BUT not our families and real life friends.

I then had some spotting (slight bleeding) so off for a scan we went – YEP – two little black blobs but only one had a beating heart @5wks and 6 days. The guy was very cautious but encouraging … come back in a week and I am sure we will see two (heartbeats) as the first little one may have only just started beating that day. This guy 'B' was the same guy who had given me the news that our daughter had no heartbeat.

It was a test of strength not to go back in before the week but wait till the official scan at the IVF clinic. We were elated at 7 weeks 2 days to see both our little blobs had perfect beating hearts. I could finally take a breath and go to the toilet.

Again they reminded us of what could happen … disappearing twin syndrome but we pushed aside all thoughts of this (we had enough to fear) and started to anticipate the dramatic changes that would shape the rest of our life.

I contacted our local AMBA but because I didn’t want to jinx myself I didn’t subscribe … till after their birth. We went along to an expectant parent evening andI began to realise what a blessing I was going to have in having not one baby but twice the joy in two. They made it all seem so normal and wonderful at the same time.

I knew I wouldn’t have to worry if something came up because someone would sure to have an answer for me and support. I never thought – how will I cope?Our boys arrived one month early but well and perfectly healthy.

I wonder why did God choose to bless us with our gorgeous twin boys. How lucky we are to be gifted two miracles.S & J are fraternal and at 2 years are developing very different personalities - chalk and cheese. Some people say they look alike but others are amazed how different they are.

So far it has been an amazing journey and I know my husband and I cannot imagine life without our cheeky little treasures that fill our lives with much love, joy and laughter. They interact well with each other (when they are not fighting over our keys and mobile phones).I can see they will be great mates – I hope they remain friends! I am also grateful they have each other because they are our last and their brother is 15yrs old so while he plays with them -he isn't around much.

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