Friday, 17 June 2011

Things I know

Trust... lately many things seem to be dealing crushing blows and disappointment all round for my hubby. I do know that the trust my little guys have in their Daddy and their love for him makes up for the people who heap *IT* on him.

I know even though he has always has one or both hanging off one hand or helping him lose with his tools - he wouldn't have it any other way. They race each other to be the first to the door , with arms flung open wide when they hear him come home. They race to fight over the car seat with the view of Daddy. Sweet ... but oh so many tears for the loser.

I know I'd love a bit more sun and sand right now and oh a beach holiday. Just Dreaming !

I know I've had a few reviews lately. I really only do ones that are relevant to me, even unpaid ones.  I wouldn't mind a few comments though...

I know someone must want to win Pinocchio - Blu ray and DVD pack worth $49.95.

I know you will never see me me doing reviews on tampons or toilet paper. Though the bottom line is I love entering such giveaways . Recently I won a year's supply of both in different giveaways. It will help us make ends meet and plug a few leaky holes in our budget.

I know a years supply or 336 rolls looks like this 

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