Friday, 17 June 2011

Friday Facebook Flog # 3

There are still a few who missed out on Friday Facebook Flog #FFF. They asked me to please do it again. I don't need any encouragement to help people connect with each other.


Please !

Yes, it seems like some might be flogging to just gain numbers (or to spam people) - who knows the truth. I hope it is because we want to connect with each other and establish meaningful relationships :) to extend our community.

My opinion is a new or fledging blog or even a fan page of an established blogger needs a platform to start from . I've just seen such encouraging comments so let those join in who want to ...

Just a word of caution if you only want to LIKE people as your fan page - make sure you are already logged in as your fan page profile not personal. Especially if you LIKE people as both and you get them twice in your feed stream.

I apologise in advance to anyone I have unliked as ME - I am still working through the list to rectify a few double ups on Fan pages.

#Tip - upload a photo from your computer or a url if you don't want the generic FB logo.

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