Saturday, 4 June 2011

Grateful Saturday for roses, sisters, miracles and fires

I can't let the last shadows of Saturday slip away without being Grateful.

Grateful for my roses. I really am.

Grateful for all the lovely bloggers who joined in  Friday Facebook Flog #FFF.
Such a lovely bunch of bloggers with fan pages you might be missing out on.

Grateful for little sisters. It's my little sister's 40th Birthday today. We might not get on 100% and don't see eye to eye (since she is much taller than me) but I love her. We had dinner out last night to celebrate with family & friends. A friend of hers looked at me and said "Sisters RIGHT ! " -   of course she shares my looks !

It also reminded me how I spent my own 40th birthday, in the special care nursery with my long awaited miracle babies, a week old, just loving and breathing them in. 

Still baby-mooning after years of infertility.I certainly never imagined having one baby let alone two a year before (when I started blogging).

I rushed home for an hour to have a baked dinner, my mum cooked, for my birthday dinner and then straight back to my precious little boys.  

Grateful for wood fires - it's very brisk here and I am looking forward to see the flames lick the split logs and throw some glorious warmth my way.

So, what's making you smile today?
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