Friday, 3 June 2011

Gentlemen - Start your engines for Disney Pixar Cars 2

My Little Drummers will turn 5 exactly 4 weeks from today, and the biggest Drummer will be 18 in 2 weeks.

OMG Where did the time go ? 

On top of the birthday list for all 3 are cars.
Of course the teen is hoping for something a little hotter and sportier than he or we can afford.

My little speed racers love Lightning McQueen and all the Cars crew.
The upcoming release of Cars 2 means much excitement here , we can't wait for the smell of burning rubber and racing down the fast lane with Ligthning.

This time Lightning McQueen and Mater set off on an international adventure to compete in the World Grand Prix .
We love this Cars 2 trailer created from Lego. Lego Cars2 is at the top of our birthday list. 


This is not a sponsored post though we score a family pass thanks to Nuffnang. 
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