Monday, 6 June 2011

How to be happier ~ Cope better with stress

Have you ever had weeks days on end where things seem to be crumbling around you  ?
More lows less highs.

Momentarily it can make you unhappy and very stressed .

My list of woes is as long as a piece of string ; some days I feel like I dangling on the end of a frayed rope.
  • Yesterday we one sick little fellow , vomiting half the night & through the day. Ensuring that I had a mountain of extra washing (at the farm in a tiny machine...still better than hand washing).
  • Last night, we had to euthanise one of our 12 cow$ after she broke her leg. Lucky DH called a neighbour and he did the deed (we have no guns-thank goodness). Consequently, DH was in a very snappy mood. I know it was unavoidable but he felt terrible. We were both tired too from sleep interruption with the spewy boy in our bed from 3am.
  • I was also 'enlightened' about a few facts - I didn't know about before and that I can't talk about. Not fair.
  • The Teen lost his well paying job due to tardiness in arriving at work and a day off without notifying them. He also had 2 sick days earlier the same week. DH rang and they said though he was a good worker and worked hard but they couldn't rely on him to turn up.
  • Wednesday morning we got a call about a house inspection . We rushed about to get everything immaculate and an hour later it was cancelled.
  • Thursday I thought I'd 'lost' one of my 4yrolds in the caravan park in/at the National park - no less.  Surrounded by tents/campers, caravans & cabins and trees & bushes .Sam was playing hide & seek with his twin in the playground one minute right in front of me, the next minute he was missing. Joel & I called for him - no response. I rushed 100ms down the hill to where hubby was ...not there. I ran back up the hill screaming for him , my heart racing with fear .!Then I saw a little bit of red [cap]. The little bugga was hiding behind the BBQ's. I was very angry with him , instead of being relieved. He didn't answer when we yeelllllllllllled at top of our voices called his name100 times. It was not my finest moment as a mother as I grabbed him and marched him back to DH.
  • There is more but I'll stop here before you nod off.

Multitasking though one of my strong points (at times) , makes me a very cranky mum when I start  to drop the balls I am juggling. I am short ,snappy and exasperated with them for minor transgressions. 
I saw this at Muddled up Mumma.Yesterday.
I am glad I did.
I know it is my choice to be happier or NOT .
To be stressed or less stressed or manage and cope with my stress better.
How do you cope with stress ?
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