Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Moving on - Good news

I am always a little hesitant announcing good news, it is just the way I am.

However I know that there are so many whose prayers and kind thoughts I have appreciated.
Small comments from a far that bring immeasurable comfort.It’s been such a mammoth 10 months.

The PET scan DH had last week was all clear. We got GOOD news when we saw the Oncologist at Westmead today - except for showing he really did fracture a rib in December when he came off the motorbike at the farm when Dubbo flooded and the farm was inundated with rain and water run off.

No wonder he was so sore. We couldn't get out that night anyway and the next day he had other concerns and soldiered on.I can't believe he struggled through that pain digging and getting vehicle unbogged. 

I never want to come off as comment or attention seeking in the face of DH's cancer journey. We still have miles to go before we can feel reassured .They keep telling us what a rare cancer it is. So I feel many more emotions than I can express here.

I don't portray that my life is perfect, because I promise you – it’s not. I so thankful I finally have a little good news to share…it means we can move on with plans to finalise closure of our business, sell our house, have a holiday road trip and take the long road 'home' to a shack in the country.

Ps : We'll celebrate our 21st Wedding anniversary on Thursday so what better gift.
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