Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Wordless Wednesday -

The Pirates have taken over my blog ....

Last Sunday Mummy took advantage of the $2.50 family funday Sunday fares... for $5 (= Daddy & Mummy).

We got a train ride to the

and two rides ...on the best harbour in the World =).

We saw
but didn't have time to stay & play.

Maybe we will go for ride on this next time
Mummy & Daddy told us they got to eat lunch & cruise on this for their anniversary !

Though they would have rathered a long ride on this beauty
As long as it didn't involve a ride in the ...

We liked this one ...more like a pirate ship !

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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Stick 'em up # 12

...Has it really been a week and is February almost over ?

No she doesn't live here (only it sometines feels like it) and really she is lovely girl =), all 3 sons love her !

my fave joke of week via my brother in law 1000kms away & facebook

I ♥ Post it Tuesday's

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Monday, 22 February 2010

It's not all bad


A few weeks ago my family started popping up on Facebook. Before that, just after Christmas, when we visited my Sisterinlaw & her family in Queensland I discovered my non computing BIL on facebook.

In the 10 years since he left Sydney I haven't seen or talked to him much ...Facebook has changed that, I have random chats to him via FB and via status updates , with my niece too. Though we have yet to hook up with webcam so my niece & SIL can see & talk to S & J.

Now my family is on facebook, my brother, SIL, nieces and gasp my mum...then my sister.
I had given up on FB for a while last year because of all the quizzes & requests.

Lately, I feel it's not all bad. I still don't want to know about their Farmville, Mafia wars and accept gifts or be poked but hey I can just ignore those requests.

Of course I have to be more careful now ;) what I say , like and comment on.LOL
The activity information is a cause for concern = ).

MY sister found a long lost cousin, A a few weeks ago. A has pre teen twins Boy / Girl and is going through some rough stuff. I don't remember ever meeting them. It's been good to catch up...virtually. It's been good to offer a few encouraging words.

Today I discovered my cousin, S wanted to be friends with me. He is 3 months older than me. We grew up together in our early years, I remember they lived 5 mins away and we saw them a few times a week. Then in primary years their family moved to Gold Coast ,Queensland for a time. As teens his family returned to Sydney and lived with us in a tiny house & tiny granny flat for almost a year. We were good mates. Six kids & 4 adults was a bit much though.

Since our teens ,we haven't seen each other for years on end, except some 'funerals' .We don't even know each others' kids names. I knew his face straight away from his FB profile.

Although , I saw his sister, my younger cousin -who I would never have recognised.Then his brother's 2nd (?) wife and his father (my uncle ~my Dad's brother who since Dad died and even before we hardly saw).

I saw another uncle too, I've yet to add them all as 'friends'. In some way social media can allow us to keep in touch across the miles (some of my recently re-discovered rels live thousands of km's away) it can't be all that bad .

I like to think my Dad would be smiling down on us. He was a big one for keeping in touch with family.

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Wednesday, 17 February 2010


I was trying to remember what I used to do with the housework my time before joining Facebook & Twitter ...then I started wondering what I did with all my time before the age of the Internet & broadband connection. (Ok you twisted my arm I played solitaire on my computer).

I 've had an Internet connection in some way for about 10 yrs. I loved visiting my parents on Sunday night because they had fast broadband (like Kate@picklebums) and Mum cooked a roast (baked) dinner too while I surfed. Sure I copped flack over it but I didn't mind ;)

Lately, I've felt I needed to cut back even more. Since I have a lot of stuff to do - I just did.

I read a very poignant post yesterday ...Love in the time of the Internet. It is essential reading. My husband barely touches a computer (has his own lapop though) except to move mine around. He just doesn't see how 'the connections' are so important to me. He is much more important to me ...just saying.

Sometimes, when I wonder will I ever be able to be guilt free about marking all as read when my google blog reading list gets too long(....1000+) I have to stop myself. The world won't end if I do it or rather don't.

I feel bad when I know some people who comment on my posts only get a few comments. Iread their posts but I don't have time to click through & comment when I really have stuff to do or two busy boys.

I try to fill my life with positive thoughts and positive people, but there are people in blogland who never get much 'face to face' encouragement or even friendship due to illness, isolation or idiosyncrasises. Maybe cyber space keeps them from slashing their wrists or worse.

By the way ... in return I don't pixxy when people don't comment on my posts, or return emails or DM's or FB wall comments, or text messages because I know 'hey they have real face to face family & friends too , plus their own legion of followers to pacify get it.

So I try to be as guilt free as possible ...right now I must go to bed or else my Man will not be happy ;).

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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Tuesday ...

...I didn't forget.
Lucky my local library doesn't fine for overdue books.

Ps I promise I read all of 'your' posts ...& of course you are are still my favourite .

One of my 3yr olds cried when I made him hold my hand so his twin brother could have a turn with Daddy when we went walking tonight ... :( (#hero worship is not fun).

Except if you forget the milk ...

I ♥ Post it Tuesday's

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Monday, 15 February 2010


I got this from Jenty (she has a cool new blog by the way).I've seen this before & done it before.

Outside my window… It's a crystal clear & starry, starry night , and it's not raining :)

I am thinking... that I need to clear my google reader hubby has gone to bed for an early night and now the teen is off the phone there is silence. Bliss.

I am thankful for My husband of 20yrs & 5 days ...our special day together.That we can love, laugh, forgive and move on ;) .

My sweet little boys...and that I got my camera back.

I am wearing… (tonight) Pj short bottoms blue & white with hearts & a white t shirt.

I am remembering… that I need to get the things out for pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.It's Shrove Tuesday or otherwise Pancake Tuesday. As a christian I don't observe it for that reason. Jesus is my way.

I am going… to save up to buy a new fixed lens for my camera

I am currently reading… "Handle with Care" by Jodi Piccoult.It's quite challenging on many fronts. I should be reading your blog though !

I am hoping…I find what I need to start and so the accountant can finish our tax return.

On my mind …selling our home.

Noticing that… I have a lot of packing to do if we do sell our house.

Pondering … why ! Also can anyone tell me the mystery of popcorn kernel.

From the kitchen… leftover Kahlu`a ganache (~ though I think I left out the Kahlua) on a spoon (thanks Sarah) , Choc walnut brownies (in hiding) and currently 'germinating' a batch of Easiyo Strawberry yoghurt (this time I am not cheating) for my pancakes tomorrow.

Around the house… messy constantly with 3yr old twins who love boxes bags & dragging them everywhere filled with everything they pull from wardrobes/drawers & toy boxes. Plus a lazy teenager. Though the house is actually quite tidy since we de-cluttered & cleaned because we had the agent coming for an appraisal.;)

One of my favorite things… uh oh I can't chose just 1 - my family, you & connecting with friends. Eating comes in a close second, followed by my computer & camera.

Ps I am especially thankful my DH sets the dishwasher everynight ...though it just went off or rather on !

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