Monday, 15 February 2010


I got this from Jenty (she has a cool new blog by the way).I've seen this before & done it before.

Outside my window… It's a crystal clear & starry, starry night , and it's not raining :)

I am thinking... that I need to clear my google reader hubby has gone to bed for an early night and now the teen is off the phone there is silence. Bliss.

I am thankful for My husband of 20yrs & 5 days ...our special day together.That we can love, laugh, forgive and move on ;) .

My sweet little boys...and that I got my camera back.

I am wearing… (tonight) Pj short bottoms blue & white with hearts & a white t shirt.

I am remembering… that I need to get the things out for pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.It's Shrove Tuesday or otherwise Pancake Tuesday. As a christian I don't observe it for that reason. Jesus is my way.

I am going… to save up to buy a new fixed lens for my camera

I am currently reading… "Handle with Care" by Jodi Piccoult.It's quite challenging on many fronts. I should be reading your blog though !

I am hoping…I find what I need to start and so the accountant can finish our tax return.

On my mind …selling our home.

Noticing that… I have a lot of packing to do if we do sell our house.

Pondering … why ! Also can anyone tell me the mystery of popcorn kernel.

From the kitchen… leftover Kahlu`a ganache (~ though I think I left out the Kahlua) on a spoon (thanks Sarah) , Choc walnut brownies (in hiding) and currently 'germinating' a batch of Easiyo Strawberry yoghurt (this time I am not cheating) for my pancakes tomorrow.

Around the house… messy constantly with 3yr old twins who love boxes bags & dragging them everywhere filled with everything they pull from wardrobes/drawers & toy boxes. Plus a lazy teenager. Though the house is actually quite tidy since we de-cluttered & cleaned because we had the agent coming for an appraisal.;)

One of my favorite things… uh oh I can't chose just 1 - my family, you & connecting with friends. Eating comes in a close second, followed by my computer & camera.

Ps I am especially thankful my DH sets the dishwasher everynight ...though it just went off or rather on !

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Kids love playing in boxes. Good luck with all the packing.

Jeanette said...

Love this meme :) Hope you sell!

Super Sarah said...

I am also saving for a new fixed lens for my camera! I don't envy you having ganache in the house, I just eat it with a spoon until its gone!

C said...

Trish, what an absolutely amazing post this is! Your boys are growing so quickly! Crazy how they were just wee little things when I first started reading your blog!!! xoxo

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