Wednesday, 17 February 2010


I was trying to remember what I used to do with the housework my time before joining Facebook & Twitter ...then I started wondering what I did with all my time before the age of the Internet & broadband connection. (Ok you twisted my arm I played solitaire on my computer).

I 've had an Internet connection in some way for about 10 yrs. I loved visiting my parents on Sunday night because they had fast broadband (like Kate@picklebums) and Mum cooked a roast (baked) dinner too while I surfed. Sure I copped flack over it but I didn't mind ;)

Lately, I've felt I needed to cut back even more. Since I have a lot of stuff to do - I just did.

I read a very poignant post yesterday ...Love in the time of the Internet. It is essential reading. My husband barely touches a computer (has his own lapop though) except to move mine around. He just doesn't see how 'the connections' are so important to me. He is much more important to me ...just saying.

Sometimes, when I wonder will I ever be able to be guilt free about marking all as read when my google blog reading list gets too long(....1000+) I have to stop myself. The world won't end if I do it or rather don't.

I feel bad when I know some people who comment on my posts only get a few comments. Iread their posts but I don't have time to click through & comment when I really have stuff to do or two busy boys.

I try to fill my life with positive thoughts and positive people, but there are people in blogland who never get much 'face to face' encouragement or even friendship due to illness, isolation or idiosyncrasises. Maybe cyber space keeps them from slashing their wrists or worse.

By the way ... in return I don't pixxy when people don't comment on my posts, or return emails or DM's or FB wall comments, or text messages because I know 'hey they have real face to face family & friends too , plus their own legion of followers to pacify get it.

So I try to be as guilt free as possible ...right now I must go to bed or else my Man will not be happy ;).

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