Saturday, 11 December 2010

Oh so grateful Saturday

  1. We arrived home finally 3.30am Friday morning , 4 days late, after our ordeal in the diastrous flooding and mudding. The Central Western of NSW was one of many declared a Natural Diaster.

    Honestly, I thought it would never end ; at times I was terrified . It stopped being fun after the 2nd day.

    We are ok, battered , bruised and after being eaten alive by mossies at the last hour but HOME.

    Our car is a little damaged but can be repaired. We've learned some expensive lessons. It really capped off our annus horribilis.Sometimes I think 'miracles' are the things that don't happen to you.

  2. ...for messages , comments and emails of support.

  3. ...for special friends in Milthorpe who welcomed us with hugs and a cup of tea at 11pm when we arrived 3 .5 days late for a BBQ (cancelled of course because we were stranded).
    I love that girl.We met when we were on family holidays as 16yr olds.

  4. ... that DH got an appointment the same day with chiropractor to fix his injured shoulder & knee. Apparently dislocated/out of joint.He is in pain , feeling very defeated and with the black dog biting at his heels.

  5. ...for my Mum who came straight away yesterday when I rang for help to get the house in order. She saved me from drowning in a flood of tears of frustration and exhaustion.
    I mainly wanted her to mind the boys while I worked.

    My hub was in no way physically or mentally to help me. I knew it was important for both of us to clear the chaos, unpack and straighten up home.

    MUM came with ingredients to make lunch & dinner .My 12yr neice, M, came to 'play' with the boys. It cheered the boys up too, they love M, who is one of their favourite cousins. Mum helped with the laundry, to straighten up and she made me cups of tea and listened.She made sandwiches and put Beef Goulash in slow cooker for dinner.

    We all made shortbread and things turned around.

  6. roses. They have thrived despite the neglect.Last night, I cut MUM a bunch to say thank you .

    Then I brought 2 roses inside placing them in a vase and old bottle. Sam 4 said "Mum I have to smell them". Then he announced "Mmm delicious I love them" !

  7. ...the Christmas tree and the delight of the 'three' boys decorating it. It's a sorry looking tree really but the boys were so excited about putting it up. I need to buy some more bling today.

  8. ...The Christmas carols are on tonight bring on the Christmas spirit (if the rain stays away).

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