Monday, 1 November 2010


There are days ... mostly moments and snippets in my day when deep gratitude seeps in . I breathe , I smell the roses and I know what a good deal I have just to be alive.

Some days I really struggle ...we have so much going on in our lives and my anxiety and stress levels are high. I am very anxious about so many things. I shift my attitude to gratitude

I wanted to write this Saturday...while we were still in our land of contentment but time got away from us and we had places to go people to see at the Day on the Green in Mudgee.
The tickets were a gift from DH's sister & BIL for his birthday on Friday.
Hubby is a long time fan of John Farnham.

I think his sister wanted him to have a special birthday considering the stress of dealing with his cancer and a whole lot of other things happening in our lives.

It was our first time away from our 4 yr olds.
We left them happily at the farm...

in the loving hands of my sister in law & brother in law.
No tears ... but gee I was close to pouring out the tears when they came to meet us in Mudgee.
I just felt content and all my trouble eased a little. Good music and atmosphere does soothe things too.

ConTENtment ...brings gratitude

  1. For my wonderful husband and especially his grace and strength in dealing with his cancer and all the turmoil of late.
  2. For birthday celebrations and special gifts.
  3. For incredible experiences at our day on the Green with 1927, Ross Wilson, Richard Clapton and John (JACK) Farnham.
  4. For special sisters(in law) and BIL ...for reserved seating ;)
  5. For my gorgeous little boys who tell me they love me and they missed me.
  6. For the caravan park for giving us the last spot ...even if it was in & on the edge of the carpark.
  7. For the gorgeous lady behind us at the concert who gave me a back scratch (and showed hubby how).
  8. For teepees and laughter & squeals ringing through the paddocks.
  9. For having choices , for being loved, for warm hugs of reassurance and that good friends are worth more than money in the bank (ok none of the 'artists' sang this but I wanted to slip it in)
  10. For giveaways ...don't forget to leave a comment for my giveaway. I am thankfully blessed by a few I've won lately.
These are the best days ...

What brings you gratitude ?

PS DH even slashed the paddocks at the farm on his birthday looks great.
Sorry, I am a little late ...Maxabella's Grateful Saturday
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Cate said...

It looks like you had a great weekend - blogging should always take a back seat to living!!

Love the tee-pee kids would never leave!!

thanks for visiting me - it's nice to meet you xxxCate

m.e (Cathie) said...

love the teepee too! I would want to hide in there!
wonderful grateful list, happy november ♥

kathy said...

I have such a great respect for the care givers of anyone that is sick. It is so tough to see a loved one sick and not always humble in their sickness and take not only the burden of your pain but also his. You so much deserve a great weekend.

Maxabella said...

It was worth waiting for this humbling post, Trish. These are all such magical things to be grateful for in the midst of your tough time. I'm glad you got some blissful time away together. The boys obviously enjoyed it too so it's good for everyone. Remember that and grab the opportunity whenever you can. x

Anonymous said...

What a great idea - to reflect on what you are grateful for. I need to do more of this! That sure is a great teepee.

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