Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Handle with prayer

hi , it has been a while.

It's incredibly hard to write this post but just so you know where I am at.

Last week my husband and teenage son, suddenly and voluntarily left our home for an undetermined period whilst we sort out a few personal,grief and marriage issues.Plus my relationship with our teenager.

I've made mistakes.A lot.

It's been hard.

It is a long story.

It's too personal.

I am not sure how much I even really understand.

We are still talking and trying to work through this time as best we can.

Right now it's being compounded by 'outsiders' giving advice.

I feel very alone and isolated.

It is unbearable right now.

I just need time to focus on my little boys and resolving the difficulties in our marriage.It is all I can think about.

I trust my marriage is in the Hands of God and I will see a resolution in time.

Handle with prayer !

I just pray that This, too, will pass

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