Friday 15 February 2008

52 blessings to be grateful for on Friday

Thanks to Kate @ Picklebums for another edition of 52 blessings to be grateful for on Friday

Incredible, yes ! Another week gone in the blink of an eye. A very historic week in Australia when the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, of Australia said 'Sorry' to the Stolen Generations... and apologised for the injustices committed against the Indigenous Australians ~ Aboriginals.

A lot of Aussie Bloggers wrote excellent articles on "Sorry" and I am grateful that they did. They wrote from many perspectives -not everyone agreed. I was going to link a few but I didn't want to miss anyone unintentionally so I if you want to read -go to top Australian 100 Womens Button and you will be sure to find several.They covered it from many aspects.

The thing that I can relate to the most is the grief of the mothers' whose children were taken away by force and never saw them again or knew what happened to them. I heard some infants were even taken away at birth. I know what it is like to lose a child but I knew where my daughter was. Those families did not. I cannot imagine those mothers coped.

I hope one of the most positive things that 'Sorry' achieves is reconciliation for the Indigenous people and that the serious issue of child & infant mortality is addressed. The rate of infant death is 4 times higher in indigenous community than rest of Australia - that alone is far too many babies.

I am also grateful this week
for my husband and 18yrs of marriage our anniversary was last Sunday
his strength and his commitment to our children and myself
his love for us all
his culinary skills (his cooked dinner for our Anniversary)

this is the only picture I ever scanned but I will add some better ones now we got a new scanner yesterday

Prawns & Bacon with sweet chilli on bed of Jasmine Rice

Chicken Kiev with fresh vegetables

Dessert (no picture) it was gone too quickly~ fresh strawberries &
icecream drizzled with chocolate and whipped cream.

I have so many things to be grateful for, especially for my online friends and all the beautiful people who commented on Charlotte's story.I thank you.I am sorry I have had a busy week and I am still replying to a few people.

I am very grateful for the chance to visit Tiff .We met via an online forum 3 years ago after we lost our babies. It was almost 2 years ago we met in real life at the Christening of her twin son and daughter when they were wee babies and S & J were tiny, little buns in the oven.

We had a lovely day together this week - we live about over 2 hrs (~170kms) apart so it doesn't happen as often as we would like.

Your turn ... what are you grateful for ? join us in grateful Friday (Kate is working on a Mr Linky but her DH and children have been very sick this week)

Also , have you met someone in real life after meeting them online ? a spouse or dear friend ?

My sister met her DH online and another online friend (that I am waiting to meet soon Mel) did too - he was all the way from USA.


Robyn Jones said...

Happy belated anniversary....
Wow your husband looks like a good cook! My hubby doesn't cook much...but he makes a mean mac and cheese....LOL!

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for you.

Jayne said...

Belated Happy Anniversary :)

One of my bestest mates and I met online over 8 years ago and we've met up a number of times since as he (and his partner) live in Wollongong and we're in Melb but we're on the phone to each other at least 3 times every week lol.
I'm so glad you were able to catch up with Tiff, give her a ((hug)) from me next time you see her :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Wishing you a belated Happy Anniversary. Thank you for sharing your blessings in life. Stay happy.

dawn224 said...

I just spent part of the week with Lotus - so I'm with ya!

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