Friday, 15 June 2012

A Big Internet Hug and Long talks

I can't begin to thank you enough , yes, all of you.

There aren't enough words to describe how buoyed I feel by messages of support , prayers / positive vibes, karma and family & friends offering to help.

My day started badly with a friend who , without any malicious intent, shattered my today is going to a better day ...

I know a FEW NEGATIVE words can cancel a thousand hopeful ones.

I can write it here , because she doesn't read my blog. She sounded upset and asked me a question which I answered (she is a breast cancer survivor herself of 10 yrs or so) and said something negative.

I told her to I didn't want to hear negativity , she said it again - I cut the call short , right then and there. I said "I have to take the kids to school". I ended the call abruptly

Well I did ...have to take the boys to school.

Afterwards, I went to the gym for a paddle in the Hydrotherapy pool and a short burst on the stationary bike and treadmill . The pool is like a warm bath and relaxing. Exercise helps apparently.

Yesterday, I went for a long talk walk with my friend Lea , before I officially knew my ultrasound and mammogram results. I said nothing as I only had suspicions.

This morning , I messaged my Lea . Lea is a twin mum my age , with twin boys the same age as my boys. I've only known her 4-5 months , she said to come over. She gave me a big hug and she listened . She didn't ask those awkward questions. Lea gets it. Just what I needed.

Another amazing friend, Mel sent me a message , that her friend MM has been through breast cancer, MM's sister too. I started to read MM's blog.

MM messaged me and offered to talk to me . Within a minute of messaging my phone number to MM, she called me. She is the kindest lady, who gave me over 1hr of her time, gently answering some vexing questions. She eased my fears.

My head is in a better place because of all of you. Sending peace, light & love and thank you (s) to you all.

Source: via Trish on Pinterest