Saturday, 16 June 2012

Frenchmen like it hot ~ what could you do with 25mins ?

A few weeks ago I flew to Sydney for a little demonstration ...

 Alas , there was no wine nor French man ...

I was already the proud owner of this awesome appliance and seriously The Soup & Co. is the best kitchen appliance I've ever owned*.
It makes soups, smoothies, milkshakes, hot chocolate,  and plus a variety of other recipes including sauces, is also blends and crushes ice {sshh slushy cocktails I've told}.

A soup maker and a blender in one HAWT machine !

  • 2.8L SS Jug, 1.8L useful capacity
  • 2 cooking programs: Fine & Thick soup
  • Automatic cleaning program
  • Ice-crushing function

Imagine - hot soup in 25 mins , from go to whoa ! {Not including ingredients prep}. I love my winter soups , this all in one unit does it all. Simply add your favourite ingredients and select your setting. That's it!  
Leave it -

What could you do with 25mins ?

I've made Cauliflower soup , Chicken and sweet corn soup and Pumpkin/sweet potato soup and a few variations in-between . My favourite was from their recipe book...

Chicken Tom Yam

After peeling and chopping ingredients you toss them in, set the program and leave it - leaving you time to do whatever takes your fancy.

If you get distracted ;) - it even keeps it warm for up to 40 mins.

There is no stirring the pot or bubbling over the stove top, not to mention the wall splattering and 3rd degree burns on your wrist from soup splattering up .

Near the end of the program you add any other ingredients as required , otherwise the program automatically blends your soup smoothly or you can chose thick. Ready to serve and slurp !

I tried the Bolognaise recipe but we didn't like it blended with pasta. I used in cannelloni though and it was fine.

Hot chocolate loved especially by the French , was made popular in 18th Century, when Louis XIV's appreciation of the beverage made it a fashion in the court. It is the most amazing, hot foaming chocolate milkshake - 150g chocolate (or to your taste) and 500mls cold milk ...ready to serve 'hot' in 7mins.

THE next best feature - it self cleans on Program 3 - in 1 min - no pot scrubbing ever , a few drops of dish-washing liquid and tap water . I found you might need to wipe the bottom if any food or bits are caught up near the base blades and on one little angled area.

I am not surprised - Tefal , as a brand owes its origins to a Frenchman, Marc Grégoire, and his wife, Colette M. Grégoire ...she wanted a fry pan that didn't stick
Soup & Co is actually still made in France too !

Watch the French demo here with substitles !

*I don't own a KitchenAid yet

This isn't a sponsored post , no financial payment was received.  I was sent a Tefal soup & co without expectation to write about it but I was so impressed I wanted to. All opinions are my own -

I was going to make you Soup & Co vlog till life turned upside down last week, now I'm just tidying up a few loose ends. I wish I had one to giveaway :(