Monday, 26 March 2012

What is the quintessential Australian Pie ?

Now that crisp Autumn nights are here there is nothing better than a warming home cooked pie for a flavoursome family dinner or dessert.

credit SFI

I confess I've only had limited success with my pie making ventures. Still, I much prefer my own attempts I worry about the fat content of store purchased ones. Sam loves mini apple pies and has been asking to bake our own.

I cooked a modified verison of the beef pie from Super Food magazine for dinner last night , it tasted great but I didn't get a photo .My round pie dishes are still packed away so I used a rectangular dish. The filo pastry (since I had no puff pastry) was disappointingly broken in the package - on purchase and it cracks up so quickly.

Mine are tasty though a little flaky and unpolished so I'm very keen to follow ...

The Search For Australia's Best Pie!

Super Food Ideas, is on the hunt for Australia's Best Pie. Always on the lookout for Australia's tastiest recipes, this year Super Food Ideas is hoping to track down the "best of the best" when it comes to the quintessential Aussie Pie.

"Australian's love pies. It's as simple as that", says Super Food Ideas Editor, Rebecca Cox. "Whether it's covered in tomato sauce at the footy, a quick midweek meal or a family-sized dinner, a warming home cooked pie tells us who we are and that we're loved".
Chicken & leek Pies - credit SFI

There are so many varieties of the humble pie , whether a recipe passed down through generations or a unusual modern version like Thai Beef pies or Green curry chicken.

I love the variety  ~ pies can be hot or cold, sweet or savoury and especially granny’s famous  apple pie with flaky buttery pastry – served with lashings of cream,  ice-cream or custard.

SFI's competition to find Australia's Best Pie will run over six issues from April through to September 2012, with entries closing May 15, 2012.

The lucky winner of Australia's Best Pie will receive a cash prize of $10,000 thanks to Bertolli.

Readers and followers by commenting on your favourite pie can be in the running to be win a $200 WISH card each week , judged by the editor, Rebecca Cox.

SFI’s - Food Editor, Kim Coverdale has 5 tips for cooking a crispy pie ..

1.    If making your own pastry, be sure to rest it before cooking to prevent it from shrinking during cooking.

2.    Pre-cooking the pastry base (or blind baking as it's called) before adding the filling helps the base stay crisp during cooking.

3.    Make sure the filling is completely cooled before filling the pastry case, otherwise the base of the pie will be soggy.

4.    After placing the pastry on top, make a small slit in the middle of your pie. This lets steam escape and stops the pastry separating at the joins so that the filling doesn't overflow.

5.     Pies are best cooked at a high temperature so that the pastry top crisps. Brushing with a little beaten egg or milk will also make sure that it goes a lovely golden colour.

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What are your tips for the best pie ?
Do you have a favourite pie memories or family recipe ?

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