Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lazy Sunday

It's been quite a grey and dreary day here . Therefore ...

Insert Me !
Source: via Trish on Pinterest

I discovered I can waste hours on Pinterest and You tube...getting inspired :)

I really want to make this blackboard !

I discovered I need to practice my A B C's .

So I am going to print this out and frame it .

 This I love this whimsical poster too !

Tina Gray {dot} Me

I've also been listening to lots of old favourites and making new discoveries . This song - Can you stand the rain ? speaks volumes !

This I can't embed but over 9 million people have watched it . The message is Hold onto your dreams - when you least expect it be surprised and don't judge anyone !

Be kind to every one you meet this week and go dance in the rain.

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