Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tetris, tears and tissues

So here I am counting down the last mins hour before we collect the twins from school.

Today is their best start assessment , a 4 hr stint during which the teacher will take them aside individually and see where they are at  .The rest of the time is for playing. They were fine once they spied the toys on the mat.

I was by then fine. I had a few leaky tears on the way. I wasn't crying , just a single tear or two sliding over my lids. Getting ready and finding stuff was most stressful. A bit of verbal biffing.

DH & I were very tired , he didn't get home from working in Sydney till 1am . I waited up for him. It was closer to 2am by the time we were in bed. Awake at 7am ...

Yes , this is real - it looks worse in real life !
It is like playing tetris with boxes, furniture, the exercise bike, TOYS and everything every day as we try to find a spot for things. Things come crashing down sometimes. The unpacker did not organise the boxes well so I have been rifling through to find stuff I WANT now !

The lads also like to move things especially my shoes (so I lost them this morning too) and keep finding stuff that isn't lost to hand me 
" Mum, I found this ..."
I put it down ...goodness knows where...when I am next looking and can't remember where and you get the picture $^!#

The kitty- Mia loves hiding from the puppies and kids here !
Sadly, our other cat , mumma ~ Ziggy is missing. I haven't seen her for maybe a week now. Lost ? I hope or found by someone nice *sniff*.

My mission once the boys go to school full time Monday is to really get the box tetris under control and organised since we can't unpack it all ever right now.