Friday, 9 September 2011

Things I know - and not

I know that this caravan is very cute but it is not ours, just one I saw in a caravan park recently.

When you drive past a cemetery and one child says to the other "LOOK Joel a digger !" (as he looked thru a fence), you know, they don't know what a cemetery and grave sites mean. You know you resist the urge to turn over your shoulder and look. On the way back you do it anyway (it was just moving earth - I hope !)

I know that this morning as hubby left us at the station and the small boy says to him "Daddy make sure you watch Octonauts and tell us what mission it is today" Daddy won't have that on his list. It was already a rather long list.

It was pouring raining this morning. Adding to the rather long list was knowing that the umbrellas were still in the caravan (stored elsewhere) since our Blogopolis adventure.

I know I may have ranted a LOT little the last time I needed them a few weeks ago and DH was supposed to bring them home the same day. I guess by now you know he didn't so he had to get them this morning. His BAD.

I know I wish he hadn't bothered at all. Small boys and umbrellas = My BAD - as a weapon and then we lost one at my friend's. We stopped for a visit on the way home. Seriously , her house is a small inner city 'semi' - so who where it is who knows ? They may have been chasing her cats with it.

I know that I shouldn't let my 5yr olds borrow my iPod touch at a blogger event. IT got left behind in the playroom and my BAD was I forgot to check I had it as I left. I know it meant an extra one hour out of my way, two extra train trips, 1km walk and 100 stairs going back to retrieve it. I know it was my fault *sigh*

I know I am hooked on Spyro's #skylandersAU !

What do you know ?

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