Thursday, 8 September 2011


The last few weeks really took a toll.
There is so much more than I couldn't begin to explain. Other 'stuff' better left unsaid.

Today I am thankful that I can breath again, deep long sighs of relief. It's my most thankful Thursday ever. Thankful for Tuesday's good news. Thankful we can move on. Thankful for prayers. I am thankful every day !

Yesterday our 18 yr old was offered a job, to start Monday week (11 days). I hope he realises the privilege of employment and a weekly wage. I am truly thankful that someone is giving him a go.

It was Sam and Joel's last day at their early learning centre 'preschool'. I feel a bit sad they are leaving. The teaching and carers are wonderful and kind. The Director, owner, lives next door and is very hands on. It is also a beautiful centre on acreage with sheep,baby lambs, a cow and views. I am thankful for the care they have given my cherubs the last 2.5 yrs (mostly 1 day a week, except a few weeks of 2 days when hubby was having radiation treatment last year. They helped us out there immensely).

Their last day was also White Balloon day

so it was  a huge celebration with a jumping castle, visit by

Lightening McQueen,
Firetruck, balloons, cupcakes,face painting,lollies all round. I got to spend some time there too.

It has been 7 yrs since we bought our home yesterday and I am thankful for the memories we have engraved on our hearts here. Settlement was unfortunately the day of our Charlotte's funeral so it will be forever etched.

What are you thankful for ?
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