Friday, 1 July 2011

Things I know ~ Roar

I know I love my little monsters to the moon and back again.
I know I'd never even considered even 8 yrs ago that I would  give birth to three children ; let alone twins.

I know everyone loves birthdays and winning.

Sometimes #13 is lucky .

 Simone @Hiplittleone has won the Pinocchio Blu ray/ DVD pack.

I know I am still a little superstitious about being #13 for anything even in link up memes.
You wouldn't know I lived at #13 for 3-4 yrs , my parents lived at #13 for 25yrs. I would never buy a house #13.
They bought it from a friend (who is still a friend) and they sold it to my Brother's Sister in law (Wife's sister)

I know there are lots of non blogger, competition junkies  (yes I know the Pot is calling the kettle black) but they seem to forget to leave an email address or way to contact them.


The winner of 3 month subscription to Australian Good Taste is Courtney @ Nobashake

The winner of the Fisher-Price Doodle Bear is  Clairey Hewiit.

I know the boys are having a lovely day enjoying their new Lego Cars 2 that I snapped up at the Toy Sales.

{I 'm still watching ABC2(4), Mum}
yesterday and the Monster hoodies {see below} I made them at 10.00pm last night , thanks to the creative genuis my friend Tiff.

I know on your birthday you can eat cake and sing happy birthday all day long , if mummy wants to take a photo you want to

I know I love instagram for publishing quick pics.
Ok but I haven't finished my crumpet -Rwwwr


Wishing my little monsters the happiest of birthdays today.
What do you know this week ?

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