Monday, 4 July 2011

100 things declutter challenge

As we get closer to moving, even though we have not sold our house, I realise how much stuff we have accumulated over 20 or so years.

I feel sometimes I should join Hoarders anonymous.

Admittedly, the last 5 years it has 'tripled' with two of everything - like the fact we have 6 car safety seats at the moment - transitioning out of two car 0-4 seats to booster seats with harness. We don't have much chance of passing things down to siblings (except for some of the 18 yr olds toys we hadn't given away) 

My #30 day challenge - goal for July is to de-clutter as much as I can or start with a minimum of 100 things. It must be measurable and accountable.


I'm not that good at selling, though I do plan to use free sites and free ads on trading post online. The money should be an incentive you would think.

So far ...

In 3 days I have given away. 
  1. 40 of /44 packet of new unused disposable nappies.I've had them for about 18 months sitting in a drawer.Waiting to give them away.
  2. 2 new dummies ( when J spat the dummy literally because he didn't want new ones). I gave both dummies & nappies to my cousin for her 18 month old boy/nappies for 2yr girl).
  3. 1 Parenting magazine (duplicate of one I was recently given)
  4. 1 used baby bottle (to my cousin as well)
  5. New Minnie Mouse soft toy.
  6. New Mickey Mouse soft toy.
  7. 4 kids bags/basic backpacks
  8. 15 new preschool books
  9. 3 Disney kid's magazines
  10. Kid's used tracksuit pants (to a party guest who didn't have a change of clothes)
  11. New Lamaze 0-6 toy I won in a competition (gift)
  12. New baby's 'IKEA' rattle (gift)
Threw away
  1. Used baby bottle (before my cousin came)
  2. Half dozen pieces/ broken toys
  3. Dozen used birthday candles ( from a few birthdays worth).
I can easily reach 100 if I counted individual clothes but I am trying to be true to my goal and not count every piece by piece 'just because'.

We were just given 3 bags of clothes of hand me downs too - my new rule is one bag in - one bag out so I have to give away 3 bags of too smalls.

We have also so many baby and toddler toys in very good condition for resale. I am just lazy and too often distracted by twitter or the Internet.

I have to actually just do it !

The twins had a birthday party Saturday, so we have a dozen new toys including Duplo/Lego sets, Transformers and various other toys & clothes  - so again it's one in / one out.

How do you organise your de-cluttering ?
Do you have a major toss out or piece by piece so the kids don't notice ?
Do you struggle with hoarding things - just in case you need it again ?
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