Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Baker's delight giveaway and win $5000

As you might know I mentioned we have been building a wood-fired pizza oven at the farm. The final render hasn't been applied so I have yet to post our Pizza Oven Project.

Over the years we have tried many store bought pizza bases to make unique home made pizzas. I enjoy adding our favourite toppings. I experiment with our own dough sometimes. In the dough experiments I haven't yet found perfection. What works one time , is not as good the next.

Generous sized base. I prepare all ingredients ready to toss on top
Since I tend to decide on pizza at the last minute I often don't have 3 hrs up my sleeve to knock up some dough.

When I heard Bakers Delight‘s had added new pizza bases to their range, I jumped at the chance to try them out.They are preservative free which it very important to me.They come in herb or plain , sold in a 2 pack. Ours were plain. I appreciate Baker's delight products are baked daily on the premises, from scratch. My experience has always been the best.

Baker's delight bases are perfect for the nights all I want to worry about is to what to top them with.We have tried everything from specialty bases to ones in the frozen section of supermarket. Baker's Delight are by far the best ever.

The males in this house are very traditional with their pizza - a mix of meat , more meat and cheese is usually the go. Usually the only vegetable is in the tomato sauce in the base.

pre Roasted chicken, BBQ base on mushroom, bacon, onion & snuck in spinach leaf & sun dried tomato,mozzarella/low fat tasty cheddar Side #2 Roasted sweet potato, feta, spinach, 2 x olives, sun dried tomato (less cheese).

My choices of flavoursome varieties are 'pfft' at. Plus it gets expensive to add 4 slices of mushroom :0 or a 2 pieces of sun dried tomato , 1-2 olives or a few spinach leaves when buying takeaway.

Fortunately at home I can experiment, use better quality meats and less cheese than 'traditional' and add a few of my own choice ingredients.

I like half and half to get more variety, exactly what I did when we tummy taste tested the Baker’s Delight pizza bases.
#1 - Leg ham, Salami, sun dried tomato, baby spinach. #2 side Cheese & Garlic
The delivery guy told my DH it was the strangest delivery he had ever made - home delivering fresh pizza bases. Our bases were family size, fresh, soft and thick, just the way DH likes them.
In the oven in under 5 mins
I am still learning the art of using just the right amount of topping ingredients so the pizza doesn't end up soggy in middle with edges too burnt crisp to enjoy.These were good.

ready in 10min or so
Even Mr Fussy wasn't missing out
The pizza bases were average thickness,we didn't try rolling them thinner; apparently you can.

Personally, I prefer a thin and crispy style. I enjoyed these though ,crispy edges with a pizza that held it's shape and toppings.

What's your favourite twist on a pizza?
Do you consider yourself a Masterchef ? (I missed that episode where the contestants created their own pizzas).

If so ~ Baker's Delight have a competiton to win $5000 + 4 home pizza ovens - they want to see the best home made pizza creations. Simply create your own pizza masterpiece using their fresh bases and upload a picture to Facebook.The pizza with most votes wins. Be quick. There are some very imaginative palates already.

Bad news ~ I don't have $5000 to giveaway, but to celebrate the release of the new range of pizza bases, Bakers Delight have given me $25 worth - 5 x $5 vouchers to giveaway.

Since $5 doesn't go far I've decided to do two prizes $15 & $10 - though conditions are one voucher per person per day.

To win , share your signature pizza toppings and any pizza making tips for me in the comments below.
Closes Tuesday July 12th.
Then use the bases to create your own signature pizza and maybe win yourself $5000.
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