Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Dove New Foaming Makeup Remover and giveaway

The winner is HERE so she can't come to the blog right now, she is very busy with a special new man in her life ...better go see why and congratulate her.

The last few years I’ve shied away from wearing makeup, most days, mainly because I hated having to wash it off before bed. Though I read 75% women do sleep with makeup on at least once a week!

So have I ... once upon a time before I knew better. I just skipped wearing makeup instead.

I don’t usually wear makeup every day if I am staying at home, though it does make me feel better when I do make the effort.
I was very interested to try the new foaming DOVE Foaming Make-Up Remover product http://www.mydove.com.au/face_makeup_foaming.asp  to see if it lived up to it’s promises.

No surprises - Yes, it does.

Knowing it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to remove my makeup products - I can almost do it in time it takes to say it.
Quick and convenient to use, whether you use it in the shower or at the basin.
It’s affordable enough to use every day and it is really as easy as 1-2-3

  1. All it takes is 3 pumps to turn the liquid into ultra-fine foam on your fingers, apply and rinse off; your face can be wet or dry. No rubbing, no messy cotton pads or cotton balls or fumbling with screw top lids, split products or messy creams. So who doesn’t love foaming products? 

  2. Dove also recommends after using the DOVE Foaming Make-Up Remover you wash with a gentle moisturising face cleanser, such as Dove Beauty Moisture Facial Cleanser, to remove any traces of dirt. 

  3.  Moisturise after washing, for example ~ with Dove Protective Moisturising Lotion, to help prevent future dryness and look after your skin.
To be honest I didn’t always do follow up with 2 or 3 everyday and I have no skin issues. Now I have no excuses because removing my makeup takes but a minute.

Normally you also have to careful not to contaminate your creams by double dipping again if you need more cleaning products. No chance of contamination using DOVE Foaming Make-Up Remover.

Amazingly, it stops the dreaded ‘Panda’ eyes after cleansing off my ‘BADGIRL’ waterproof mascara from my eyelashes too.

It left my face feeling clean and fresh. It is gentle and isn’t drying at all like some cleansers I have used in the past.

Especially, I like it’s even convenient enough to take travelling and for overnight stays. It has a neat locking device (? packing clip) that stops it being depressed in your toiletries/vanity case or in my case, too, if little hands get hold of it. (We go through a lot of shampoo & bubble wash here)

Banish the makeup stains on your pillow (guilty) and waking up with a flaky, caked face with black rings around your eyes from last night’s mascara.

I leave my DOVE foaming makeup remover on my ensuite vanity to remind myself when I brush my teeth before bed , if I haven’t already, to wash off my makeup. I can grab it quickly when I shower.

Have you ever slept in your makeup?

Share your top tips for a busy mum’s skincare routine?

The best judged comment will receive $25 Coles gift card ... enough to buy yourself some DOVE Foaming Make-Up Remover and some other luxury treats.

Sponsored by Dove & Kidspot – though all opinions expressed are my own.
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