Saturday, 7 May 2011

Grateful Saturday - Cancellations, House inspections and founds !

...for cancellations. It means I didn't have to wait 3-4 weeks for a mammogram and breast ultrasound.

On Wednesday around midday I first tried to book in ; it was over a 2 week wait at my local .The lady was so NOT helpful too. So, I tried elsewhere at three other nearby places and it was an even longer wait. 

I rang my GP clinic and the receptionist checked with Dr who said that 3-4 weeks was ok to wait. It would give time for whatever I had to settle down.

HUH !  

[He told me it was not as urgent as Wednesday/Thursday but to come back next week after the mammogram & u/s.]

I was terrified and  I though I did not want to wait that long, I decided I may as well book in.

I gave up trying anywhere else.I rang back to first local place, it was 10mins to 5pm Wed 4th May, and she started to say  ...

" Okay...  but the first date I have is {pause}...6th May ...{pause} hang-on that can't be right. Can you hold ? "

She comes back and says ...

" Yes, it's right ... 6th May, we've had a cancellation. Does that suit you ?"

" Yes , OF COURSE !! " I almost scream down the phone.

I don't have a lump as such ; my breasts are always lumpy. I have had several breast u/s and at least 1-2 mammograms over the years.

Last weekend , I had some soreness/infection under my left armpit. I got a script for antibiotics for that via after hours GP clinic.

Tuesday night I noticed a milky 'discharge' on my left bra cup. 
It was only a small spontaneous leak and then I found could express from both breasts even though I ceased BFing 7 months ago.

At first I wondered if it was because I'd snuggled two gorgeous twin bubbas for an hour {from different families} on Tuesday morning and was talking about breastfeeding twins with their mums. (This was just our Church playgroup too) 

The discharge was streaked with old blood ?. So I freaked.

I rang the local GP clinic first thing Wednesday even though they had no female GP's at the moment I didn't care. The receptionist was very helpful and gave me a 3pm appointment. Then rang me back 30 mins later for a 10.15am appointment.

Interestingly, the DR's eyes popped and he just about fell off his seat when he did the maths and realised my twins were BF for 4 yrs. He thinks it is very RARE. I told him not according to the Internet.

I was pleased he had a female student DR there ... because I am a prude
Anyway I won't get any results till Monday. 
I am OK , but just you know, terrified as you imagine.

I am also grateful the people who came to view our house Thursday, came back again today with their parents and / brother for a second inspection. Fingers crossed.

...Hubby found my pedometer under the bed this morning [It's my secret obsession to walk 10,000 steps a day ]

...That Bunning's staff found his mobile phone in their carpark at almost 9pm on Thursday night [he dropped it unaware while putting the kids in car seats probably].They called us secs after we got home. [P.S. We had popped in quickly for their Mother's day night - we are not usually still there at 9pm]   
Of course this cartoon is what I was thinking about ...
AS if ...
Got to keep a sense of humour ...
So, what's making you smile today?
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