Saturday, 16 April 2011

Grateful Saturday - Mothers and building memories in moments.

It's still Saturday - I am a bit late posting....all week I have been chasing my tail or sitting on it. 

Some days have been stressful and I've felt terrible but there have been many moments to make me smile and feel grateful for my life. 

I'm grateful for my Mum, again and again she is there for me when I need her ...especially tonight because she is minding our boys while we attend DH niece's engagement party. Mum also minded them yesterday while I went to donate plasma.

I've also been thinking a lot about how we build memories for ourselves and our children in the little moments.
This week has been full on and at times flying by at frantic pace.
Getting the house clean for the real estate agents to give us an appraisal.
I felt stressed, angry and my time management was poor.
I didn't get to achieve all that I had planned but we made do ... and made some special memories.
I (we) made choices to do other things with boys *.

It was the insignificant things like helping Daddy plant a new garden and water the plants in  , cleaning and vacuuming the car and cooking with me.
Then we had wonderful outings ...the Magical Tales cupcake party with Sparkles & William , attending the Lego Mini Astronaut day at Sydney Observatory (more to come about this & a Lego giveaway) and then visiting Tiff & Ivy in hospital. It made the boys so happy. 

I'm grateful they are so easy going and enthusiastic about everything ...except picking up their toys.

*My procrastination undoes me because I am not enjoying getting our tax ready for the anything that got me out of doing it was a bonus. I'll be so grateful to get it out of the way. The deadline is fast approaching.

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Kate said...

Oh the blessing that is a helpful Mum! I have one too, and am grateful every single day.

Glad in between the stress you were able to have some good times as well.

Cate said...

I love that you used up one of your free babysitting time to donate plasma! You are such a gem :-)
have a great weekend

Maxabella said...

Mother love just stops me in my tracks time and time again. I think we are key to the happiness of the world. I don't say that lightly, either. We gotta mother-up and make some changes. Your mum is one who could lead the charge I'll bet! x

tiff(threeringcircus) said...

We are grateful for you!

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