Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Lego City Space - count down 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Giveaway

 ....Some days I can't wait to start the count down and get ready to send my boys on a mission into space ! 
bye Mum ...
or volunteer especially the Teen for a space flight LOL.

Last Thursday Sam , Joel and I - headed into Sydney Observatory. Fortunately my DH had business in town and was able to drop us off.

Why ?

To celebrate the launch of a new range of NASA-inspired Lego products, at the Mini Astronaut Party Day at Sydney Observatory. 

We learned about space shuttles 

and the boys built their own creations in the LEGO City Space area. A few creative space engineers scored a LEGO® City Space prize (see below).

The kids got to launch a water-powered space rocket -- into the sky or a huge tree , dress up as an astronaut...


make an alien using recycled materials! and 

have their face alien painted . 

We looked through the BIG telescope in south tower, watched a 3D mini movie about the Space detective and learned about Australia's involvement in a new space project - SKA Square Kilometre Array. There was so much to do.

The uber popular LEGO® City range was on display.The Mini Astronaut Party Day coincided with the 30th anniversary of the space shuttle and the 50th anniversary of man’s first space flight. I wasn't surprised it was well attended by Lego fans of all ages. 

There was a huge line up to get in the gate.It was perfect weather and awesome venue at Sydney Observatory at The Rocks.

The boys were still talking about it all weekend.Their only complaint was there was no Lego people in the Lego Space City creation area. (though I am sure they would have gone on a secret pocket mission of their own too ... Sam (aged 4.5)  - told two bigger boys about 7-8  "You're not supposed to take it" because he saw they had 'lifted off' their Lego creations as we waited in the line for face painting ...The mother tried to justify it by saying they were taking it back - her boys just looked horrifed at her. Oh, I am sure Sam thinks he is a mini policeman)

We love playing with Lego & Duplo in our house. Free play or following 'instructions' it inspires imaginative play and it's great for fine motor skills and teaching opportunities. Suitable for all ages ...our almost 18 yr was quite into it too. 

We didn't win a prize on the day ... however - imagine the surprise Monday - when the courier delivered to us

Space Centre  Prepare the rocket for blast-off! Fill the rocket with fuel, use the elevator to get the astronaut to the top of the launch platform and prepare for launch from the control center. Start the count down and get ready for another exciting mission into space!  ~ LEGO

key features

4 Minifigures (2 Astronauts, 1 operator, 1 mechanic) -  ( The people are my boys favourite LOL)
Big Space Rocket that can house astronaut and satellite
Control Center
Count-down clock, Satellite, Space suit, fueltank, tool station

Space Shuttle  Rocket into orbit on an important space mission! Help the astronaut open the cargo bay doors and use the Canadian arm to release the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit around earth.   

Satellite Launch Pad  Launch the new communications satellite into space from the launch pad! Drive to the launch pad and help the technician prepare the rocket for blast off into orbit. 

Space Moon Buggy  Explore the lunar landscape with the six-wheeled lunar exploration vehicle! Use the digging tool to take rock samples and the satellite dish to communicate with the Space Centre on Earth.  

I know it will inspire budding space explorers young and old across the land. It's still a work in progress at our house even the Teen is in on the action.

We are just starting the boys on Lego, they play with their Duplo & Lego every day. 

They have a few Lego items plus a huge basic box in hiding to share for their 5th birthday in 2 months ...along with this LEGO® Space City set - woohoo...well if I can make sure they pick up all the pieces.

Unfortunately we gave a lot of our Teen's lego to my nephew (8); who is going to be very envious. 

Thanks to

Lego Australia I have 2 LEGO® City Space range sets  to giveaway here !
RRP ~ $279.96 each.

To win one of two sets (4 boxes each) leave a comment telling me  

Why would you like to win a this set of LEGO® City Space range 

or your favourite Lego memory. 


  1. Follow my blog ~ I'll have to check.
  2. Open to Australian residents only. 
  3. Entries Close 30th April 2011 
  4. Two winners will chosen by the promoter - for their creative comment in answering the question above.
  5. Please leave your email if not attached to your profile ...be aware many bloggers have a no-reply email.
  6. Remember to leave a comment below ...
I wanted to give you all a chance to get creative instead of a random winner.
I received the LEGO® City range Thanks to Lego Australia . No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

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Naturally Carol said...

What a wonderful day the boys had and a great surprise the next morning..nothing quite like new lego! I would like to win some 'cos I think I am going to be a grandma quite soon..and so I need some kid supplies.

Thea said...


What an amazing giveaway!!!

My 6yo boy LOVES Lego and LOVES space so he would die...die I tell you...if he won this!

What a wonderful day out for your little boys. They look super cute as astronauts. :)

cat said...

Wow! Absolutely fantastic. Wish I could win that Lego - we are huge fans, me included.

Caz (The Truth About Mummy) said...

Because Lego Rocks - even my girls love the stuff. They spent the day a few weeks back sitting with their 19 year old cousin and his old mega collection building a city - loved it :O)

ClaireyH said...

I haven't purchased any Lego for my girls yet, thinking they wouldn't really be in to it. But looking at this I think I have made a huge mistake. It could actually be the perfect toy I am looking for, where children at different ages can play cooperatively together building their own thing. I like the idea that one can enjoy her fascination of following rules to get to a specific result and the other child who is more creative can build whatever her imagination suggests.

Louisa said...

Oh Trish! Why would I like to win? Because my Miss Bliss would adore this and play with it for hours and hours and that would make her happy. And her being happy and occupied would make me happy! x

Anonymous said...

I was Lego obsessed when I was younger (I still am - just waiting for Miss A to be old enough!) I remember being really stressed in the middle of my Year 12 exams and pulling out all the Lego I had which was packed away in storage and building my whole Lego city (airport, garage, fire station, police station, train station, boat, trucks, the works..) I just remember thinking the only thing that is going to get my mind focused on these exams is to build my little city. Stupidly I gave away my whole Lego collection in my 20's, which I still regret. When Miss A has outgrown her Lego I'll be sure to hold onto it - I'll still be playing with it when I'm 60! :-)

Dorothy said...

My boys will need a special room in the house just for their Lego creations soon! As it is I keep most of it in the garage, in the original boxes. They're both quite space obsessed and would love the Space Shuttle themed sets!

And secretly, I kind of like helping them building their Lego creations. The tiny little blocks amaze me with their ingenuity - must be my engineering background coming through. Love to know how things work!

Cate said...

My favourite lego memory would have to be playing and sharing with my brothers. We had quite a lot of lego which belong to all of us - and my recollection is that we all used to play with it together, building cities and roads, with very little bickering. Perhaps just my disorted recollection (??)...but I like it!!
Yay Lego :-)

tiff(threeringcircus) said...

Lego has been around for ages, hasn't it? My favorite Lego memory would be when I went to Tasmania as a child and there was a huge exhibition made entirely from Lego. I have more recent memories though. Dave loved Lego as a child and when we married he brought with him a huge bucket of the stuff. Now Noah loves it too. Often I will find Dave, Aj, Mal and Noah all huddled over a huge pile of Lego, building away. Noah loves to bring me his creations and, like his dad, can spend many hours lost in his own imaginary Lego world.

I've also found that noah's fine motor skills have improved a lot since he started building with it.

Naomi said...

This is a totally awesome giveaway! My kids love LEGO and would so love to win this. My husband tells me that when he was growing up he remembers having a big box of lego, full of different colours under his bed. He still remembers having sore knees from playing with it all day, he loved it so much. Such is the joy that Lego brings to little boys. N x

shae said...

Wow this prize would be great!

We have tons of duplo and now the kids are big enough we're ready to start our Lego collection! This would be an amazing way to kick it off :) And my very space interested 6 year old daughter would just LOVE these sets.

Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

What a magical day for you and the boys to experience. Also how good that your lil man pulled up the people doing the wrong thing. A very good character you have there as many would just turn their heads and look the other way...just like their mum did by the sounds of it.

My memory is of when my daughter Airlie was born premmie and finally at home. On a very rare visit out in the early days we went to visit my Aunty in the Hunter Valley. While out shopping she was looking for a special gift for Airlie and Mason made a comment about 'LOVING'the lego aeroplane. He didn't ask or wine about but he obviously made my aunty think he deserved it because she brought it for him. I remember he saying "He deserves it! He didn't be naughty he just said he liked it! Plus he deserves it after everything he has been through"
We still have that plane and I can't count how many times it has been built and pull apart only to be built again. Now Aston and Airlie will be able to build it too.

Super Sarah said...

So, my sister and I still play with lego. Yes, that is an admission. I am nearly 35 and she is 30 and we both still love lego! With such a big age gap as children we didn't have much in common. When I was into My Little Pony, she was too little and would try and eat the accessories. When she was into Barbies, I was into boys. But the one thing we always loved together, at the same time, was lego. My grandparents travelled overseas each year and brought us back a big set of lego each which we would then build together and then when we had played with the set enough, the pieces would all find their way into our giant lego box, sorted by size in containers thanks to Mum. I would come back from Boarding school and the lego box would come out and my 15 year old self and my 10 year old sister would play together for hours. The lego box lives at my parents house in South Africa and my girls are nearly old enough to play with it next time we visit, it would be wonderful to start them off with some gender neutral spaceships to build! (And then my sister and I won't have to share our lego!)

Sarah said...

Look at that concentration on their faces, the excitement really comes through in your pictures.

We have a very well-used Duplo collection here. It's the one thing that my 4yo girl and 2yo boy will play with happily. There's always enough to go around and they can work independently without getting in each other's face too much LOL. She builds penguins and pet shops and play grounds. He builds car parks and houses!

I've been planning to add some 'little' Lego to the collection as the big girl gets closer to 5. Her fingers are ready for a new challenge!

Thanks for the amazing giveaway.

Ash said...

That sounds like an amazing day! We are huge Lego fans in this house and mum has a box of our Lego and Duplo from when we were litte. We still all sit and 'play with Will' with the Lego, so we can build things that we used to build!
That must have been super exciting to get such an awesome package!

My Kids Make said...

my son LOVES Lego's and he LOVE LOVE LOVES anything involving Space. When I heard that Lego and NASA were working together to make Lego Space sets...well we went nuts! This is literally perfect for my son.

frog ponds rock... said...

I used to spend ages playing with Lego when I was a kid. I would build houses and LOVED it. Great prize Trish :)

Anonymous said...

My son is 4 already and we don't have any LEGO yet. Can you believe it? It's time we start our collection.

Anonymous said...

My favourite Lego memory is a combination of when I was 7yo and getting my very own Lego house and building it with my cousin. Then this Christmas I found all the pieces to that house in our giant hand-me-down Lego collection and downloaded the instructions and was able to build it again to share with my 5yo & 7yo girls :) How awesome to share with them a toy I had at their age.

BaublesBubblesBags said...

Master 5 has just started to get into Lego - thanks to me, introducing it last year. He would so love this set, especially with it being about space - yes, he's the SPACE BOY and wannabe astronaut! :)

Sarah said...

My 6yo loves Lego & would adore one of the packs for himself.

However my best Lego memory is building Lego creations for my brother on Christmas morning when he was too little to do it himself. I was always assigned as the builder because I could do it quickly & he would have his creation as soon as humanly possible!

It's a shame my 6yo won't let me make his, but he lets me help sometimes!

katef said...

Oh wow what a cool day you guys had! Loving this new range of lego....

Ok so my fav lego memory...

We had lots of 'star wars' lego when I was little (older brother) and I remember clearly one afternoon my brother and I had been working together (a very rare occurrence) and had built and amazing lego space city but something was missing... The scene just wasn't space like enough... not desolate enough.... so we emptied the contents of a bean bag in and around our creation! Snow!!!!

My mum was rather unimpressed and even today, thirty years later, when we drag the same legos out of my kids to play with, there are still some bean bag beans wedged into various bits of lego!

DanniiBeauty said...

My seven year old loves Lego!!

He has such a great creativity that he builds amazing things.

I remember playing legos too - me and my brother use to try and build the tallest buildings.

Anonymous said...

Gosh.. your boys had such a wonderful "magical" time.. my boys would have LOVED such a day out like that. (And me too, I suspect).

I don't follow you, via Google, but I'm subscribing...

What a wonderful giveaway..thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh. could you delete the first comment, I realised I clicked on the 'publish comment' too early, without telling you my fav memory of Lego.

I remember receiving my one and only Lego (it was a house set, with flowers) for my birthday. I loved it to bits, because it had yellow and red petal flowers. I built it up, and re-arranged the flowers many a times. I don't know what it is about Lego, but the fact that if you just change the position of one thing, it changes the outlook of the whole thing. That's how awesome Lego is.

Thanks for sharing this giveaway, and the day your boys had... it truly was a memorable day. My boys would have loved it to bits.

Jolene's Mumbo Jumbo said...

No childhood is complete without exploring your imagination with Lego. And let's face it, no parent should get by without having at least once stepped on a piece of lego in the dark. It's a rite of passage!
My boys would be 'over the moon,' escuse the lame pun, to win this awesome prize. Well, once they'd managed to wrestle it off their father, that is!

Joni Llanora said...

That looks a fun day! My Anya was jealous when she saw the space suits. I was a Lego child, rarely played outdoors & was happy building my imaginary world. Good thing Lego was built to last so Anya is still able to enjoy some of my Lego from 2 decades ago.And she's a Lego player too like her mum :)

CrankyMum- said...

My 10 year old would love to win this , he is lego mad . He also has problems with fine motor skills & lego is great for helping with those issues .

Anonymous said...

Trying to enter again - I wrote an awesome comment last night that disappeared into cyber space, perhaps the NASA lego dudes can find it and post if for me. In the meantime, I will try to remember what I wrote...

As a kid, I remember many hours lost in the world of Lego. We would drag the huge wooden Lego box out of the spare bedroom and disappear into our imaginations. It was one of the few activities that the three of us could actually play (almost) harmoniously, creating other worlds for our Lego characters to explore.

I loved that box of Lego so much that when I moved out of home to go to college I tried to take it with me. Unfortunately the rest of my family had something to say about that and I had to wait for holidays to get my Lego fix again.

Fast forward a few years and I got married and Lego re-entered my world. Most would guess that the marriage was followed by kids and a need to have more Lego of our own but the reality was a little different. We were given a giant tub of Lego and the Lego Creator game as a wedding present way back in 1999. How cool is that - the best wedding present EVER!

We kept adding to the collection at Christmas and birthdays so that by the time we had kids of our own we had a decent collection. Of course Lego pieces were too tiny for babies, so we began on the Duplo collection too. Now we have a well balanced collection of Duplo for when the nephew comes to visit and some awesome Lego. I love having an activity that we can all play with together. I love creating city scapes, my hubby is a fan of Star Wars Lego, my daughter is predictably in love with Belville and my son has a love for all of it, all the time!

Right now, my kids are staying with their grandparents and I am sure that the very first toy that was dragged out of the spare room, now their holiday bedroom, was that giant wooden box of Lego!

Toushka Lee said...

This competition is drawn on my birthday! That would be an awesome present - and I might even let my son play with it too.
I didn't have lego when I was a child. We had "Toro" which was not even half as cool. My favourite memory was going to the big lego display when it came to my home town in the 80's. it was awesome!

Me 'N My Monkeys said...

Awesome give away!
whats not to love about LEGO.. besides how much it hurts when you step on it. :)
my Kids would love this.

Anonymous said...

I would dearly love to win a set of Lego City Space for my little Grandson Matthew....he has recently discovered Lego and loves it - when his Daddy was a little boy he too had a passion for Lego.
It's such a great learning curve and also great to develop imaginations....there's an added bonus too, Matthew is very much 'into' anything to do with space - I can't imagine how thrilled he would be if I won.

Kelley said...

1) Because Boo already ate all of the Lego he got for Christmas.


2) Because I would totally Skype myself putting it together to my brother who put together all of Boo's Christmas Lego and would be SUPREMELY jealous, and nothing is more satisfying than teasing your brother through new technology playing with timeless classics.

sapna said...

Lego bricks can be assembled and connected in many ways, to construct such objects as vehicles, buildings, and even working robots. Anything constructed can then be taken apart again, and the pieces used to make other objects.

My son is a big fan of LEGO Educational construction toys range.
I would love to win LEGO® City Space range for my son so that...
- he can play for hours and hours with the Legos construction sets.
- So that he can expand his imagination power further with the construction set made by the best brand .
- HOurs and hours of endless fun will keep him happy and increase his education about space and its adventures.

nellbe said...

Oh I wish I had a favourite Lego memory! I grew up in the dark ages where girls were not allowed to play with Lego! I know the horror! I remember being jealous at all the Lego my younger brother got from Santa whereas I got another tea set... thankfully I can get my fix now. I have 2 boys and my oldest loves loves the stuff. He creates and builds them and wont break them down, they are all on a display shelf in his room so we have to keep buying more and more and more... These sets look awesome and your boys look like they had heaps of fun!

Sarah@CCSM said...

can i do both??
I would love to win this set cause i have 2 lego freak sons who love all things lego and well spaceships rock too!!!

and i have soooooooooooo many lego memories.... (in fact you should have seen me the day my boys showed interest in lego for the first time OMG!!!) so my fav memory is getting my paradisa set for xmas in like 1992 (soo long ago) both me and my sister got a set - mine was the horse stables and my sisters was the resort, christmas just gone my boys got their first major lego sets... and i hit my littlest sister (now 13) up for her old lego... guess whats still hanging about!! may not be complete sets but a good chuck of the paradisa sets we received almost 10 yrs ago are still happily being played with my by my little ones now (more so the big girl... the boys dont seem to be all that keen on the pink lego! lol)

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

My husband entered this a few days ago but it seems to have disappeared, so here it is again:

Hours upon hours of imaginative play,
With a tub full of Lego is the only way!

Pretending to be a brave astronaught,
Or a flight engineer, now there's a thought.

My only issue is I'm actually 28,
And the packet says I'm 16 years too late!

So I suppose I'd give City Space to my boy,
We could use it together, it'd be such a joy!

So I'd love to win my son some Lego,
And I can confirm I'm willing to Beg-o.


Posie Patchwork said...

So jealous, i was on my way to this NASA launch with my 4 & got a flat tyre, argh!! So just couldn't make it in time from Canberra, crushed, like my tyre!! Looks like it was so much fun & damn it, i missed out on meeting you too!! Love Posie

FeistyKel said...

Lego was the only thing my brother and I had in common. The only thing that stopped us trying to kill one another. As adults, we dont get along. This may bring peace to world war 3...

mark-deeanne said...

Matthew and Adrian would love to win this lego set, they were given their very first set of lego at Christmas last year, it`s only one of those small sets but they have spent hours playing with it and the creations they make amazes me. They would be just beside themselves with excitement if they won this especially considering it`s space orientated, they are so interested in space. Being Matthew`s Birthday in 1 weeks time it`ll be perfect timing :)
I had so many lego bits myself as a child, I only wish I had kept them especially considering the price of lego nowdays

Sif said...

My boys and I would LOVE this Lego because:

'Lego' is Danish slang for 'Play Good' and with four sets, and four boys, my boys would certainly 'play good' because they would each have their own set! But, of course, like all little Lego fanatics, they'd share as well - another tenet of the 'Play Good' Lego motto!

My boys are fanatical about Lego, but we can't afford much of it (because their dad was laid off two years ago, and their mum has been studying to improve her chances of employability), so my boys would GO TO THE MOON AND BACK for some new Lego!

Birthday season starts in June. We have four boys born in June, July, August and October, and four boxes of this awesome new Lego would be JUST THE TICKET (especially because presents have been whittled down in the past couple of years).

Because half my family lives in Denmark, so it would be like a little bit of home coming to stay with us!

Because Lego play promotes problem solving skills and fine motor development - so it's educational as well as fun!


operationhotmother said...

This would be such a fabulous prize my son loves Lego and what a great way for him a daddy to spend time together than having a special project to work on together and have fun doing it.

Blackberry Cat said...

I was an only child and i'm really grateful that my mother bought lego for me to play with. I spent hours building my little worlds back then. I had one big set, a little white cottage with a picket fence, a red roof and pretty coloured flowers. To me, that was where a family should live. I spent many hours dreaming of the perfect family to live in that perfect house.

At Christmas time, my mother pulled out that set for *my* kids to play with. It brought back so many memories as I sat and played with them.
Loved it.

What cracks me up though...my husband's memory of lego. His baby brother was toilet training and pee'd in the lego bucket. His mother didn't realise straight away and it all had to be thrown out!!! He still talks about it 20years later!

Kellie said...

I cant wait until my little guy is old enough for real Lego! He's only 9 months so he's at the Duplo + Mega Bloks stage. Not small enough for his mouth but still oodles of fun!

I'd love to win this set for my partner, he's NASA and space shuttle *obsessed* and I know he'd love being able to play with it with our son.
Plus while he's playing I get control of the TV remote! Win win!

New follower, I found you through Mrs Woog. Thank you Mrs Woog!



sammy said...

Hi Trish

It looks like your boys had a fantastic day!

I love secretly listening to my boys when they are playing Lego and the amazing stories that they come up with.



Anonymous said...

Lego is the love in my boys life, he wants to work at lego land when he grows up and I hope this dream comes true. His creations are fantastic, changing and moving pieces to make all sorts of transport, buildings and even animals! We would love to win some lego, he dreams of lego!
P.S Love the blog

Cate Bolt said...

Wowzers, chief. Two of my boys absolutely LOVE Lego above all else. The 4yo and the 16yo - even at 16 Lego is still at the top of his list for birthday gifts. Awesome.
I don't actually want this for them though (much to their disgust)I'd really love this for the girls in our orphanage because this is something that we wouldn't be able to give them otherwise. I'd love for our orphanage girls in Indonesia to grow up dreaming of being astronauts or something other than working in a massage parlour. I want them to dream the "impossible dream" - and believe it's possible.

My fondest memory of lego as a kid was that my mother used to have a scrap book which she would glue the instructions for each set into and we had an organised set where all the pieces could be found & no one ever stood on a piece of lego in the middle of the night. Unlike my house LOL

Kate said...

What an awesome day!

My big kids love Lego! My daughter insists they have 'piracy' from the toddler when they play with it and it keeps them entertained for ages.

They even have some of my old Lego, timeless classic :)

Daithi said...

As a kid, my brother caught me in posession of some fireworks and extorted them from me under threat of telling our parents.

He then commenced "Project Lego Rocket Car." He built what looked to b quite a sturdy vehicle out of lego with a hole in the back into which he inserted a lit 'banger'.

Not being entirely without sense (just somewhat lacking) we took cover and waited to see what happened.

A loud bang later we went looking for the car. Where we had left the car was half a piece of lego. That was all we ever found...

Maxabella said...

I'll tell you both!

I would love to win because Maxi is lego crazy and space crazy. He will go crazy crazy if he wins this (and just in time for his 6 May birthday too).

And my fave lego memory is building 'dream houses' with my younger sister. We would play for hours and hours, rearranging our lego furniture and redesigning rooms. Love it. x

Bec said...

I would love to win this lego set for my children so they can create a lego memory.

I feel quite deprived as I don't have any lego memories. I'm sure my parents thought girls didn't play with lego and with 2 girls in my house, I honestly can't remember having any lego. I don't want my kids to miss out on the joy, excitment and creativity lego brings.

Susan @ Reading Upside Down said...

I wish I'd known about the Lego Space day at the Observatory. My children love visiting there and would have especially loved visiting when there was Lego to play with as well.

We'd love to have this Lego set - I love that Lego allows the kids (boys aged 7 + 12, girl aged 10) to explore and create and use their imagination and I love that the kids plan and play with our box of Lego together. Our Lego creations often take over our loungeroom and incorporate other toys as well.

I remember building Lego cities with my best friend during school holidays (I was totally envious of the police station, service station and hospital kits she had). I love that 30+ years later, my children are getting just as much pleasure out of the same toy.

~~Kallie~~ said...

Lego! My son loves Lego, he's only recently started getting into it but I love that when he gets a set he will sit down and cuddle into me as I put the set together with him. He reads the instructions and I put the pieces together. Sometimes he puts pieces on, sometimes he directs me where they belong, how to do it "right". Then he sits down with the instructions book and goes through the pictures in the back and tells me which set he wants to get for his birthday. I love that Lego gives me an extra cuddle with my gorgeous boy... so for me, I'd love to win so I can get more cuddles :)

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