Friday, 15 April 2011

Two too cute not to share

Just a quickie - I received an email this morning.
I wanted to give Kate a special shout out.
Kate is sending a special gift to Princess Mary adorable twins -  Vincent and Josefine !
She wrote ...

These two cute monkeys (handmade out of a pair of socks) have their bags packed and are on their way from Australia to Denmark. They’ll be great friends for Vinnie and Josie.

There’s some room left in their luggage! What would your readers suggest be sent to Princess Mary, a Mum of 3 month old twins and now has 4 kids under 5 years old. 

I love these cute little monkeys. Her Monkey and Me business was started in honour of her angel baby ~Poppy~ who inspired Kate's hobby, making monkeys out of socks. Please check her little monkeys for adoption and her facebook page.

So what would you send Princess Mary ?
I saw someone suggested Tim Tams already ...yes !!
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