Saturday, 14 August 2010


I woke up in the early hours and all I could think of was I didn't want to get up out of my warm caravan bed to go twinkle ;-) ... it may only be a short walk to the shed but still at 0 ° brrr & dark.
I did ...just saying, it's not like I had a choice.

Back in bed , the wheels started churning. I started feeling glum about all the bad stuff , paranoid feelings, terrifing ones , my exhaustion, my lack of motivation,anger & the anxiousness I feel about so many things. I am not completely unhappy I just can't define it it exactly.

Everything is overwhelming somedays.

I woke a short time later to a little monkey crawling in bedside me, "I love you Mummy" he said and I melted, as he snuggled in. His twin snuck in beside DH.
However , a 4ft bed is not big enough for 4 LOL.

I shifted my mood in a higher gear and found 10 positive things .

  1. I am thankful for the rain (The creek crossing was a bit dodgy) but happier the sun is shining again .It's a pity we haven't got the new water tanks in yet though.
  2. Now we have a washing machine at the farm helps me to stress less over this
  3. I love my new (recycled) solar & wind powered clothes dryer.
  4. Really though, I am happy when the boys are happy, The birds are even happy ! (I didn't see his home till I uploaded the pics - awesome)
  5. ... Especially when my hubby is happy...the gyrocking is underway ...we'll have a bigger bed inside shed soon !!!! SO I iz happy too (no more freezing & dark trips to the loo,too)!!!!!
  6. The teen is on holiday in Queensland (though it's too short for my liking)
  7. My glass is still half full (well not quite yet but it will be a bit later)
  8. I still feel a bit guilty, after 'awww' ing & 'oh ah' ing over these cutewoolly babies, that we are having roast lamb for dinner (ours in store bought =]). I'd love to snuggle one or both of them.
  9. I found the Green sheep, cheeky bugger keeps going under the fence to eat our grass and sneaks back when he sees me coming. Seriously I kid you not.I caught him yesterday & today.He is the only one !
  10. I am glad my friend with a severe migraine, that has lasted 3 wks, doesn't have a brain tumour.I hope she finds some relief with a new Dr soon though.
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Anonymous said...

many many hugs my dear friend.

fab pics........

Crazed Nitwit said...

Love your pictures as always!!

Hugs and prayers to you!!!

MultipleMum said...

HI there. Thanks for stopping past by blog today. I appreciate it! I will learn a lot from you - your twins are a year or so older than mine. I am following you back.

Dianne said...

Hi Trish, love reading your blog. Best wishes to your husband, hope his treatment goes well. What a worrying time for you. Love reading about your beautiful little boys. I have two sons aged 18 and 15 years. It sounds like your teenaged son is giving you a few worries. Being a teenager is not easy for them or us, hope everything settles down for you all.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you get some good news soon and the feeling of being completely overwhelmed disappears.

Enjoy your little oasis - the photos are fantastic.

Jayne said...

Your oasis is looking lovely, Trish :)
Love the green sheep, what a cheeky bugger lol !

SquiggleMum said...

I LOVE the bird pic. Great shot!! xx

LadyNoor said...

I'm sorry you've been through tough times lately. I'm not good with words I just wanted to say that you and your family well. Hope your husband's treatment did what it supposed to do to rid of the cancer. And may the boys always give you joy, the least make you smile.

This is a beautiful post. It makes me will try and remember to list at least 10 positive things on a bad day.


Vixen of said...

Snuggles make everything look a bit brighter! And mother's of teens know why animals eat their young, ha ha!

Good for you for trying to find some positives. I love your new dryer.

BB said...

Snuggles are always the most therapeutic thing!

Your place looks amazing - a dream coming to fruition, no?


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