Saturday, 10 April 2010

Smiley Saturday

...It's 12.41am in 41 minutes after midnight, a time when I should be sleeping.
I can't .

Insomnia has struck again. It's not the first time this last week since our world was turned upside down.

A visit by a short person woke me from my slumber.After I settle him on the cot mattress on the floor next to my bed, I lie awake . Waiting for sleep to come again.

I've left the mattress there since the Brothers were both sick 1-2 weeks ago. They took turns.

I know he obviously wants to be close to us, but I cannot sleep all night with him tossing, turning and stealing my pillow, wedging his cuddly body as close to me or his father as he can get. His twin will surely follow at some other unearthly hour.

Plus I'm too lazy to get the mattress protector , he is out of night nappies ( did I mention woo hoo no more nappies for either of them for over 2 months) but he has had a wet bed on a few occasions.Not tonight .

Too many thoughts are pulsing through my head.
I have a hundred blog posts in my head draft. Some I can't even write yet.
So I sneak out of bed and here I am.

I know my husband is not sleeping well either and at least my not tossing & turning won't disturb him. I'd normally read a book.

We are expecting visitors for an early morning tea , right after breakfast. A surprise visit from a dear friend, just arranged today. So I have to be up early. I decided I will write a blog post now.I have small fast moving bugs for company and a mug of decaf tea.

It was a busy day with the short people sneaking in the back door stealing water from bathroom, to mix with sand (it was everywhere) & stealing bandaids. They created a trail of mess and mayhem but they were happy. They mixed tomato sauce into their drinks when I was on the phone to the accountant , they chased the poor kitty all day and they made me laugh so many times over. I needed it. I love them more than life itself.

OMG kitty,

She was missing and I found her asleep in the front loader.

She is so sweet and lies in their arms like a rag doll. I've never seen a kitten like her . She doesn't scratch, lucky she can hide under the lounge (sometimes she gets to stay there). Her name is Ziggy (by Mr 16), The Brothers & I, call her Sweetypie (well I started it).

Sweetypie isn't much bigger than the soup packet

Now ~ where was I -

This week I received a surprise in the post. It really made me smile. Not truly a surprise as I was expecting it.I won a Dandi & Masterchef DVD Giveaway from Not Quite Nigella.I only entered once. I can't wait to watch the Masterchef DVDs. Not Quite Nigella is one of my favourite food bloggers.

Her blog is an eclectic & exotic mix of recipes , divine cakes , food tours, restaurant reviews with gorgeous photography. Nom nom !

  1. It's Saturday
  2. My dear friend & her gorgeous girls are visiting tomorrow today.
  3. I 'll have time to watch a Masterchef DVD because Dh is home.
  4. I found the missing book so I don't have to pay the library $24.95 for it.
  5. This verse ...

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Marilyn Rodrigues said...

Your sweetypie is gorgeous!
Thanks for reminding me to find the smiles in my day - come what may. Your Ephesians quote is perfect. I will carry it with me today, and it will also remind me to think of you.

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

@ hi Marilyn - yes I love the quote too.

LOL 7 little words had me springing out of bed bright & early ...

"mummy the kittys in the washing machine" (read it with a very squealy and excited voice)

Ro said...

Ziggy is a real sweetie!
LOL those words would have me leaping up, too!

Not Quite Nigella said...

Trish you are so welcome! I'm so glad that they arrived safely. Enjoy the DVD and the teatowels! :D

Marilyn Rodrigues said...

Trish that's too funny!

Anonymous said...

OMG I am so glad I popped over here! We just got 2 kitties on the weekend. I suppose I have this kind of "adventure" to look forward to as well!

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