Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Post it Tuesday #18

..brought to you today by the letter S ...sad

My husband is facing some scary things , it's the waiting to find out that is scariest for both of us. Today we only got more unanswered questions but it's not all bad.
There were a positives . I just can't talk about it right now.

This afternoon , I also found out through Facebook an internet friend I've known for 4 years, who also lost her first daughter to stillbirth, just lost her young husband. Suddenly & unexpectedly early Monday morning in his sleep.

I haven't been in touch much lately I knew her through a forum. I'm not personally affected, still I'm shocked and saddened ...

I cannot begin to even suggest I understand the trials in front of her and the ones she has already passed. She has two other young children under 3 and is 24wks pregnant. She is going to need all the strength in the world. It's so cruel.

I am not sure why sometimes bad things happen... still right now I'm going to take my kids out to dance in the rain.

I ♥ Post it Tuesday's

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