Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Not so Wordless Wednesday - 29 days


Only 29 days to go

Santa Claus Has A New Truck ( Santa Claus Is Coming To Town)

You better take care
Cross at the lights
If Santa sees you coming
You can say goodnight
Santa Claus has got a new truck

He's hotted it up
Painted it red
And he's cruising round town
Like a petrol head
Santa Clause has got a new truck

His hands are getting shaky
His eyesight's up the creek
I saw him knock a reindeer over
Just the other week

It's all covered in lights
Presents in the back
But he got his license
In a Weetbix pack
Santa Claus has got a new truck

Called him at home
But he's never there
Spends the whole weekend
At Autocare
Santa Claus has got a new truck

He bought it at a caryard
He paid for it with cash
And everytime he takes it out
He has another almighty stack-up

Ya better watch out
Keep your eyes peeled
Santa's a menace
When he's at the wheel
Santa Claus has a new truck

For an Aussie Christmas medley including a bit of the above click here ...go on you know you want to

4 years ago one Wednesday (23rd) in November I got the news that would change our lives forever ...I just never thought a miracle would happen again.

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Joanne said...

Oohh...What an adorable drummer boys you have :)

I played as well ->

Sukhmandir Kaur said...

They are so precious! Children make life new again. Happy WW

Natalie said...

*Smile * I am looking at a little girl right this minute,with the same Jammies on.
You have the twice the smile power!

Tara R. said...

This is an adorable snap. I bet they both are on Santa's 'Good' list this year.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

They are adorable.

Trish said...

Double cuteness! Thanks for sharing!

Beth P. said...


C said...

They are so cute!!! Looking forward to catching up with your blog!

All the best!


Auntie E said...

I know that song, A great one! happy WW

Marice said...

they are sooo cute! :) love their shirt!

u may view mine here

jeanie said...

Gorgeous shot - and congrats on a wonderful anniversary.

Jules said...

Great Song. 8)
Is it 4yrs already. Time sure has flown. xo

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