Thursday, 26 November 2009

Reasons to be grateful

Every day I am reminded how lucky I am. I find it can be such a mood lifter to focus on the good things that you have in your life when you feel anything but ...

An attitude shift = mood lift.

Still, lately
I just never feel as if I’m 'winning' and that everything is in chaos.

Reflecting, as 'you' do, on the bad things does nothing but make me melancholy. I want to look forward and live in moment enjoying every day I can .

Yes, things still go wrong and I feel like sometimes I could scream or cry ... and of course , I do , (the conjoined twins story made me tear up so much). I feel awful and regret it when I yell and get cross with my little boys though.

Stress builds up in me. I get all 'woe is me' , till I tell myself I am so lucky. I have all I need today (well I wouldn't mind a personal assistant chef & cleaner a few more 0o's) .

Yes, most of all , I wish I didn't have NF1. (no it's not no ef'n idea) I wish my sweet Sam didn't have it (and other family members) .That, I think, is what does it, makes me depressed and scared for my future.

As I spend my life rushing from one thing to the next, I know I am missing so much and yet it is hard to slow down and be grateful for the small things some days.

Days of Grace 26/365

  1. Special friends and random acts of kindness (RAKs) or acts of random kindness (ARKs)
  2. Books and a great local library (though been waiitng months for My Sister's Keeper)
  3. The rain, ~ I hope it is filling the dams on my FIL's farm.
  4. Kisses & hugs," I love you' from small boys and "I'm sorry" from a bigger boy.
  5. It's Friday tomorrow and you know what follows...

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tiff(threeringcircus) said...

I am thankful for friends who listen to me off load all the terrible stuff and a re there for me, even though they are having their own struggles.

Very thankful indeed.

Jayne said...

(((hugs))) Ups and downs will always happen it's learning to surf those waves with finesse and not break a sweat that's the real talent we're all trying to get a handle on ;)

Anonymous said...

its easy to get lost in the bad stuff and forget about the good stuff.


jeanie said...

It helps so much to concentrate on the good, doesn't it?

PlanningQueen said...

I am thankful for my very good friends too. A number who worked so hard with me this week and are probably feeling exhausted like me. Praying for a more restful week next week.

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