Sunday, 1 February 2009

Weekly Winners 5 2009

Sunday is my favourite day ...

January 25th -31st - edition 4

Monday 26th January was Australia day
.We went to the Regatta Centre where they had family activities,
a ski show,
sky ski somersault

free rides for kids
and free mini concerts ...

The Bumper boats were a huge hit ...The Brothers loved it .
First go the morning we just stopped him from getting out. Later in the day we lined up again - uh oh !
He was too quick, fully clothed, he hopped out ...maybe to cool down in the shallow pool LOL - I was running away pretending I didn't know him laughing .
No, I didn't get a photo. DH went to get him dripping wet from the 'amusement' guy ...and amidst a few others laughing.
Tuesday was the big break the pool no less !
So Wednesday we chilled out at home...while Vic & SA were melting.

Thursday we went to get the broken leg reviewed and they changed the backslab to above the knee.
I got a few spare moments to make sure the roses were surviving the heat .
How was your week ?

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Day 1/365
1.Neighbours bearing
2.Little boy discovering the cute baby on the spoon

3.Everyone wins rocking horse races

4. $3 Chalkboards from junk sale
5. That chalk washes off easier than paint or marker pens

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