Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Days of Grace 2 & 3 / 365

Every day I am reminded how lucky I am and when I saw - Days of Grace in Small Things on Karen @ Misc Mum's blog, I wanted to be a part of it. It is the creation of Schmutzie Pickles

It is every flexible you can do it every day or as 'less' you please (I hope this is right).

The original challenge is to list five positive things every day, but we are a flexible lot, and since this is about finding joy, you should do it any which way that makes the most sense to you.

So I won't be posting every day or even as a dedicated post but I will look for 5 things every day to remind me of God's Grace.

G i S T will win 'us' the battle against embitterment or at least help me not beat myself up on the days when everything goes seems to go wrong.

It can be any of the small positive things we tend to overlook. Directing our energy into good things and not letting disappointments and embitterment rob us of joy.Time wasted wallowing in the bad stuff that can overwhelm us .

Yes it might be a bit 'Pollyanna 'ish' to some but I think a gratitude journal, be it observed privately or on a blog, can keep the glass half full (especially with wine instead of the 'whine').

Day 2
  1. Making a Pecan pie in 10 mins, & baking in 30 min ... gone in 60secs
  2. Stacks of duplo to keep small hands busy & happy
  3. Sipping a cold glass of wine ....right about now
  4. Twilight walks
  5. Creche at the gym

Day 3
  1. Having the most patient partner
  2. 'Ug' 'ug' s & kisses from my precious boys
  3. Enthusiastic reunions in the creche after a gym session
  4. A hot cup of tea made by The Toolman
  5. Air conditioning - oh so cool !
Schmutzie says ...
Grace in Small Things is a challenge for every day, because there's no time like the present, tomorrow never comes, and some other cliche about seizing the day. Oh, right: carpe diem.
Check out Schmutzie's inaugural call to arms: "Grace in Small Things: A Challenge for All of Us"

*Chink* * Cheers *

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Amanda said...

This is a great project to take up. I don't think I have the discipline to take it up myself but I know that visiting your blog will remind me to think of what I've encountered in my day. So THANKS :)

Lilly's Life said...

Love the idea of this Trish. It is important in these times more than any we focus on the positive and what we do have and not what we dont have.

Carmi said...

Major amen from me: we all need to take the time every day to cherish the fact that we're here, drinking in the joy of life. Beautifully put! Consider me inspired.

jeanie said...

It makes a difference, the days you notice the small things and the days you have trees in your eyes.

I need to insert "I" instead of "you" - and "my" instead of "your" in that above statement more often.


Linda said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting my new blog.

I like the look of this meme so I will check it out.

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