Saturday, 31 January 2009

Gawd Blyme - Cor blimey & Frogs

Hey - what does they mean ?

Truth ?

Blyme was the word verification I just saw on a blogger blog. The jumble of letters they use to drive you crazy but they say it helps prevent spammers - Gawd blind them !
It sounds a bit like Aussie slang but it is supposed to be Cockney.More on this later.

I have to digress briefly !

The wee lad is holding up well (not so his mother) and Dad with a very sore back (unrelated but no doubt aggravated). We kept busy yesterday, I got an hours free childminding at the gym. (I haven't told you yet but the reason we went to pool Tuesday was for me to join their 30 days for$ 30 promotion).

I really only wanted to use their treadmill to walk in air conditioned comfort for the last month of summer. Though we are not at the melting point of our southern cousins in VIC & SA - 40 degree plus days.It is still damn hot and sticky here at 35 degrees. So I figured $30 was cheap.

Then Nanny (my mummy) gave me a 'break' while she minded both the lads and I went to give my first blood plasma donation... The respite and quiet was bliss. It didn't hurt a bit either ... well the finger prick is the worst! I can do it again in 2 weeks (hooray).

Now for 'break' (no pun intended) from the broken leg chronicles.

It was on Jeanie in Paradise's blog - a post titled amphibian-ambivalence.

I am still catching up on my google reads -1000 plus (... yes it was 3-4am but I can't sleep).Jeanie extols the wonders of enchanting, bathroom loving, green frogs. She reminded me of a funny thing that happened on the way to the loo.

A few years back we worked from my Father in law's property .The toilets were attached to a big shed (that once sold alpaca or woolly craft stuff of some sort) so it had toilets for customers. They were part of another building but the two doors opened only to outside.They were small cubicles and if you left the door open the view was great.

The doors, as toilet doors do, had a huge gap under them for any creature to take up residence for fresh air ? . The spiders didn't phase me - we also had a resident Huntsman or two, occasionally- a red back spider but always a green tree frog (Litoria caerulea or ? ) . No - there were often several green tree frogs in the two toilets. They loved the moist environments. Did I mention how hot it is, hot ! It always is.

So we always had green toilet 'tree' frog issues in the toilet bowls. I would try to re 'home' them in other moist parts of the garden with the aid of my brave then 5yr old - to no avail. I had to remove the cistern lid and he would delight in my screams and squeals assisting me using whatever contraption or container to hand to capture them.

They seemed to prefer the ladies to the gents ; ). Once there were ten of them (in two toilets)- not kidding ! but usually 3 -4. Extracting them from the pipes that go from cistern to the bowl was not so funny ...eeewww in fact.I never harmed them. I just evicted them. They were huge some of them as big as the palm of my hand.

They would be gone for a few days .Long enough for me to think they were gone for good and relax. Otherwise, it was often a quick squat and run.

So I would make my morning trek across the grassy areas to the loo, do what you do, and then as I would flush I'd see these 'six' big eyes looking back at me, imploring me, as though to say, "why did you just pee (or worse) on me?" But by then I've flushed - and away they go only to come back trying to hang on for dear life ...., Can you imagine it ? hanging on to the slippery sides of the toilet bowl as best they 'can' one step up, slip two steps back. (ps I did borrow a bit of this text)

Sometimes, they were hiding under the seat, perched in the open bowl or under the rim or even
looking at the view or to catch bugs or mossies.

Yes, I shrieked got freaked out, every time, but at least I knew they were there...

Whoa, the unsuspecting customers who would had driven a 'wee' long way out to the 'sticks' to find us and who would hurriedly check the 'facilities' before going to the office. I honestly would warn them if they asked where to go before hand.

Eeeks the screams and other 'unmentionable' words that we heard 50m away. LOL -we also saw a few half dressed people exiting the tiny 'cubicles' furiously pulling up their pants or smoothing down dresses or skirts.

I couldn't help it ... I 'depend'ed on it - I barely could hold on myself (PMSL). I was ROFL because it truly was hilarious...then I had to stop and compose myself before they got to the office.Muffling my snorts, wiping my spittle & wet with laughing eyes , I would erase the smirk from my face as they, red faced, they told me of our 'wee' problem.

A few times we heard the less common 'Cor Blimey' (or Gor' blimey) ...which means an
utterance of shock, .. YES !

core blimey is a abridged version of "God blind me" also an utterance of shock or dismay or Like

or Gosh!
Absolutely Yes!

Very much an expression of surprise. Indeed it was.

Yes, it's not that common but not very surprising, considering we are British descendants and we did have a fair few UK customers.

Pps : Yes, I did say yes a lot as you do when you have two small boys who say NO, a lot, or ask a lot of questions .

Ppps: You can donate plasma every two weeks and did you know it also looks like a pale amber fluid ('urine') - cor blimey if I am not telling the truth. I first told the nurse it looked like beer she replied in a whisper no 'wee'. LOL so it did. I have no idea why beer was my first thought I don't drink it much I much prefer wine...only 12 hrs to wine o clock.

Ppps I think it is going to be a long day. I've been awake since 3am .I planned to grab a cuppa (tea) and go back to bed . *sigh* the wee lads will be waking soon.I'd best go recharge.

Edit to add ... I forgot to tell you it is Smiley Saturday and Lightening has riper for you LOL.


Soralis said...

OMG to the frogs in the toilet! That would scar me for life! LOL

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

LOL - the kids usually loved it though. My son thought it was so funny ...frogs in the dunny !

Jeanette said...

LOL I would have got such a fright :)

Jayne said...

Loved the Cor blimey toilet frogs ;)

Amanda said...

EEK! I would absolutely freak out if I saw the little frog when I went in the toilet. I think they're cute in photos but frogs just make me RUN!!!!

Funny post :)

Blossom said...


good to see you still have your sense of humour intact!!!!!

jeanie said...

Cor blimy indeed!!!

You learn to do the "perch" early when you are a country gal, don't you?

Helps for when you have to go to public toilets!

Glad you are getting a few small reprieves from the woes of a broken-legged colt.

Swift Jan said...

Frogs in toilets!!! Hmmm not my type of thing!! LOL

Thanks for your kind words on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

I so admire you getting to the gym! I just can't seem to find the time (or the energy!) I guess doing yoga makes up for my lack of activity (sort of) I am new to your blog, but am enjoying the reading xxxx

M+B said...

I've had a great giggle at the frogs :-)

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