Thursday, 29 January 2009

Broken leg Chronicles

It is all my fault ! I feel so guilty. Though it is green stick (simple) fracture at the foot (distal) end of his tibia and the best fracture to have apparently the Dr said ! It wasn't displaced . I feel bad for will be six long weeks.

Tuesday I took my boys to the local swimming pool with a friend , her 2 yr old son and her little sister.

We splashed and played. We chased our wild little ones as they jumped and ran about...
My friend and her two year old had already been down the water slide many times before we got there. Then open it every hour .I took J down the slide. S followed behind me, alone , a few kids later.

As I waited at the bottom of the slide to catch him (from going down into the water -though he truly loves the water). I underestimated the speed and the force , he was on his belly and feet first .His right leg hit the top of my thigh - hard and he screamed , then cried for a bit. It hurt me too.

He wouldn't let me put him down and as I went to shower and change into dry clothes to go home I knew he wouldn't weight bear on that leg. He just cried. I planned to take him to the DR to get checked.

We ate a quick lunch with our friends and I came home briefly to see how he would be after a nap and besides I needed my get my older son for help (with my other 2 yr old).S went to sleep straight away but woke soon after crying. I packed everyone in the car and we to the local hospital it was about 4.30pm when we arrived.

They looked busy. A tea lady offered me a cup of tea & biscuits. Gladly I accepted it , then I had to take S for an xray. She even made em another when we got back.

The triage nurse gave S Paracetamol for the pain. By 5.30 S had been xrayed.My husband picked up my oldest son and J after work.

No one told us if it was or wasn't broken till after 7.30pm when S was hungry and wanting, crying food /drink from the vending machines that other were enjoying around us.
A helpful nurse said yes it was fractured and needed a back slab(temporary splint) and it would happen soon...WRONG -we were barely half way into the wait.

I was sitting on hard plastic chair holding him because he didn't want to be put down.
They gave us nothing at all. I had to call my husband to bring food and change for the vending machines.The waiting room was full of broken and limping people it seemed. Another fellow (who had a broken ankle and multiple grazes had already been waiting since 1pm till 10pm.

S was either entertaining (laughing as I played games or just talking to himself) or annoying the other people (by crying) .When my husband arrived someone remarked loudly ..." hooray Daddy saves the day" . Though S cried bitterly when he left as he wanted to go home too.

I was 'patient' to a point but there appeared to be no movements.Nothing was happening.No ambulances arriving no emergencies. At 9pm they said 3 in front of us. At 11pm there were still 2 to go.

I was going to leave at 11.30pm and return the next morning. Then they said he was the next one ... yes so he was at 1am.

S finally went to sleep at about midnight.The kindly Dr was tired and it been a long day /night for her -only 2 Drs on. I didn't blame her . The Health system in NSW sucks. Though I'm grateful we have free access to this health care.

She applied the temporary short back slab up to his knee . S was asleep the whole time. He was so tired .The DR wrote a discharge letter for our GP.We walked out the door it was over 9 hrs later.

Yesterday was hard ...try keeping a normally very busy and active 2 year still against his wishes.He wanted to be carried everywhere I went. I could barely leave the room.

He was so frustrated. Though he knows it hurts if he tries to weight bear on it.I like the worst mummy in the world because I can't make it better and it is my fault.

Today, we went to the Children's hospital for another review .Though I knew we had to wait again a much shorter wait.It still took about 4 hrs. The previous Dr only had said it was left leg in the letter ... wrong one. I only noticed when I gave them the letter at triage.

I told them it was RIGHT but they still wrote for his left leg to be re xrayed (the other hospital didn't give us the xrays because they to be reported on).

So S had another x-ray. In xray I insisted it was the right leg and they kept asking me was I sure ! (SURE I'm SURE). Another short wait but in the Emergency room and a new back slab was put on.

This one is all the way up to his thigh to stop him moving his knee too. A play therapist gave both boys books to read and blew bubbles for them . Then she came into the plaster room and stayed while they put the cast on , reading him a story and keeping him entertained. He had to be on his tummy.

It was really quite lovely as lovely as it can be when unpleasant things have to be done.

Yesterday, S was already trying to scoot around on his butt and using left leg or even the right a bit.

He even 'ventured' to get down where ever I plonked him - I stopped him. It will be a miracle if he gets through 6 weeks without breaking something else. He is such a monkey.

He is going to be most upset he can't play outside with his brother, jump on the trampoline, ride his bike let alone go no where near the water or sand pit or go to the park ...though I hope he can still use the swing.

I don't feel so bad that I am going to enslaved for 6 weeks carrying him and carrying out his every command , hour upon hour of playing cars, building towers and chasing errant or thrown toys or even refereeing fights between his twin ... who has quickly worked out that he now has the comeuppance on speed and a quick getaway with the most coveted toys.

I just feel bad I won't be able to do much house cleaning ;) ... the dust can wait hey !

I hope the TV /DVD gives us a little respite.

I think the little red wagon will get well used again too...

Right now my old camera is keeping him happy - 500 shots of his fingers and leg /ceiling - who cares.

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