Monday, 22 December 2008

Hardly There

It 's almost Christmas and that time of year we are more painfully aware of the loved ones that are no longer with us or those that never made it past the sanctuary of the womb.

I found this quote somewhere ...

"though in reality you were hardly there ~ in my heart you were everything"

Christmas Angel...

I have a little angel
I hang upon my tree
She reminds me of another that
I cannot touch or see.
As I place my lovely angel midst
the sparkling lights on high
My other little angel roams the
dazzling, star lit sky.

As I celebrate at Christmas time
God's child who came to Earth
I think back to that special day-
My own beloved child's birth.
As long ago, the world was shown
A wondrous star above,
within my heart there shines a light
of pure undying love.

Perhaps for one, she'll put aside
her thoughts of heavenly things,
remembering this time on Earth
she'll soar on shimmering wings.
Join little ones with shining eyes and
thoughts of Christmas glee,
The holy day, she'll spend with us-
her earthly family.

Perhaps we have a feeling that
our little one is near
As she soothes the sad place in our hearts
and dries our secret tears.
Then she'll take flight on outstretched wings
for heaven up above
while we receive the greatest gift
of God's eternal love.
~ Alice Check Beaverton

Thank you for Tiff and ~William~ for sharing this poem with me in 2006.

Four years ago I didn't want to celebrate Christmas.

Three years ago we were approaching Christmas joyfully barely 8 weeks pregnant with our twin sons. We shared the joyful news on Christmas day - uncertain but hopeful.

It isn't possible to put into words how much it meant to us after losing Charlotte. She was due December 1st but was stillborn 1st September.

I struggle to imagine what if's ... if she didn't die and /or would they be here at all...?

There are seasons in the our lives that we must all go through ...they make us what we are today.

Faith , Hope , Believe ...Pray ! - If you have time to pray for sweet, precious Kayleigh - a real Christmas Miracle, who really needs your prayers.

oh and Laugh ...I just remembered this post a year ago yesterday

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