Friday, 28 November 2008

Hot date

In 2 hrs time we get our first child free night out, for dinner, alone in over 2 years.

So no time to stop by and visit anyone today/tonight.

It's been a long time coming and it's a free romantic dinner for two in a private dining room.

We won it last Christmas valued at $150. It expires in 3 weeks... no time like tonight. It's one of my Dec goals and to continue in 2009 -a regular date night.

We have never spent this much money on a night out so I hope it is a great dinner. 

Nanny gets the joy of monster sitting.

Advice of the Day
  1. "Keep a Song in your Heart, a Dance at your Feet, and a Smile on your Face... because You make this world a better place. Remember God made You for this time and this place with purpose and love." Jeanette Mayhew's mum
  2. See this post by Marriage Hacks  Staying happily married while raising little kids 
  3. Praise children often. Let them know you love them just they way they are. If you say this often enough they might just remember it throughout adolescence...still hoping I praised my teen enough.
See you all tomorrow ...

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