Thursday, 27 November 2008

Tick it off the list ...

The past few months my personal goals have been very simple ... keeping my family together, eating healthier and keeping my own twin sanity intact amidst the chaos.I haven't written my goals down since July

I decided to beat the rush and get in early for December.

  • eat a healthy and balanced diet, even though I’m seem to craving junk food !I am trying to limit takeaway food by eating healthier foods and more home cooked meals by serious menu planning. I also want to keep a better track of what is in pantry/fridge and freezer to save wastage and the last minute - "I can't be bothered cooking - order Pizza'
  • Get ready for a Christmas and do some baking ..mmm (sorry maybe that isn't so healthy but if it makes me feel good then that is good therapy for my mental health)
  • Try to exercise daily ~ by walking my 10,000 steps, complimented with my exercise bike riding (20 mins = 2000 steps). I aim for minimum of 6 days per week. I'm still enjoying it. I have met my 97% of my November virtual walking trek challenge (3 days to go). December I am going for a White Christmas virtual stroll through Europe
  • Re-energise myself every day - by taking some personal quiet time to read a book or rest away from the computer and my children or weed the garden or enjoying a bubble bath!

Photography -
  • still on my undone list but a long term plan is to do a short course next year to learn more - I have to wait for a new camera before I do anything. I want to record memorable moments this December (take 5 pictures a day).

Okay ... I aim to continue spending less money !
  • exploring a few blogs about reducing grocery spending and start my own price book by Jan 2009
  • Track our spending more carefully - starting now !
  • Review what we have been spending the last few months - underway too
  • Stick to my Buy Nothing Challenge as much as possible
  • Check the guide of cost/hr of various electrical appliances …take the time to switch off a lot of appliances.
Planning and Productivity
  • Finish organising my home office !I keep putting it off
  • Finish (well keep working on it) 2008 tax because I think I am due a refund.
  • Review and rewrite my 43 things and draft my 101 in 1001 days. I want to start Jan 2009... It's been on my to do list forever. I must start listing 10 things for for 101 list tomorrow soon.
  • Complete a daily project - be it housework related ( as much as I hate cleaning), in my garden, baking or any of the above.Finding a simple easily achievable project with to complete every day will help me reduce my stress levels and give me a sense of accomplishment. I'll try to journal them so I can look back at what I achieved.
  • Growing our own vegetables - I have to pot up my tomato seedlings by the weekend and think of my next plantings.
  • Get things sorted for a Garage sale or to freecycle or give away. The De-cluttering will help our hip pocket too and give me more space.
  • I haven't forgotten this awesome site where you can print off a FREE six week Christmas planner
5 x 5 Random Goals (for which I can't think of category)
  • Build my own A.R.K. with 5 A.R.K.'s a day ...acts of random kindness (see HERE)
  • Writing a gratitude diary and finding 5 things to be thankful for every day Pollyana.
  • Doing more things with my toddlers ... 5 things per day out of the book Toddler Play or inspiration from Playschool
  • 5 photos per day of anything that crosses my path
  • Pray for 5 people per day.
Family & Friends
  • I am trying to get to bed by 11PM OR earlier now my toddlers wake at 6am or earlier.
  • With Christmas approaching I hope there is time to catch up with family & friends and this is definitely a high priority on my list.
  • Spend time alone with my husband.My husband and I have rarely had time alone in 2.5 yrs. I want to try to arrange a monthly babysitter next year for a date night.
  • Go out once a month, by myself (with the 'Girls') ... maybe they need a break from me LOL
I won't be blogging every day after NaBloPomo finishes.It is way too exhausting . I did BLOG 365 for over 7 months - never again.
  • My new goal is to have my posts up by 2pm and try to use Blogger scheduled posts (ahead of time) for days I am busy. As long as I don't stuff up the dates before I have finished like I did this week...(oops - did you notice).
  • Woo hoo I won a contest run by Le @ Third on the right and I'm getting a banner designed by Carleen @ Revised Images
(My header has been 'Un- done' since early this year) So maybe I need a bit of blog redesign too.

Phew ... I hope that covers it all.

Have you got any short goals or long term plans ?
What are your goals for December and have you thought about your New Year INTENTIONS ?

Assvice of the day
  1. Say Thank you & please a lot ...and your children will too hopefully !
  2. Be the first to say Hello or smile too !
  3. Use the good silver and dinner set ... why not ?

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* TONYA * said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I don't know too many others with twins and a teenager :) .. and a fellow Aussie to boot. Yay.

Great list.

I have most of mine listed on my sidebar in my main blog and my crafting blog. One day I'll actually finish them, but it looks like it won't be by the end of the year like I'd planned :(

Trish said...

thanks Tonya - I don't know many with toddlers and a teen either. ;)
Fun times - not sure what is better ?

I call them good intentions because it gives me scope... for leaving them undone.

M+B said...

Maybe I should set myself some goals???

Can I recommend chromium for food cravings.

alicia said...

those are some great goals!! i like the date night with hubby one, i think thats huge important!

CTagsGirl said...

Wow! What a fabulous list! And I thought I was put me to shame! :)

Just stopping-by to give you a HUGE thanks and hug for your thoughtful comments and beautiful prayer you took the time to share on my blog. What a blessing! You made my (Thanksgiving) day. God bless you and your precious family. Thanks again for visiting.

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